Sunday, July 31, 2005

TV: BBC Top Gear, How To Start Your Own Country & The New Al-Qaida

Recently there has been an uproar by Proton apologists when BBC Top Gear mocked the new Savvy (read here - it's quite amusing). Some has even started a whole vendetta movement on those 'white people' because nothing has ever been said good about Proton.

And today's Top Gear (8pm BST) had a news piece on Proton Gen.2 (who the hell picks up these silly names?) regarding the free "dual controls" and £1 deposit (a rip-off from Kia). Jezza seems to like it. Prices from £8800 is pretty darn good, just £3000 above the hideously ugly Savvy.

Now let's wait for two weeks for that video clip to be made available (I won't make it public) and then for those pesky Proton apologists to start seizing the moment as a victory for Proton on the European market.

Moving on...

How To Start Your Own Country starts on BBC Two from Wednesday 10pm. My king, the Yesman and the founder of the Join Me cult, Danny Wallace will be invading Eel Pie Island via a footbridge in this episode. Straight after the programme you can press the red button (on digital TV) to view a ten minute state broadcast. Yes amazingly the BBC has agreed to loan him ten minutes a night.

The New Al-Qaida report by Peter Taylor on how the Madrid bombs revealed the changes in al-Qaida's policy. My opinion aside (that there is no such thing as an al-Qaida's military organisation anymore - just terrorists operating out of the belief of al-Qaida's ideology), it will be broadcasted Monday at 9pm.

"Fuel prices up! Oh my what do we do?!?"

Latest news out of my birth country is fuel prices are up. Well actually the prices of fuel has been going up around the whole wide world (in London average of 90p for 'unleaded 95' - up from 80p in January).

But to some in the Malaysian "blogosphere", fuel prices evolves around them. There are those who exercised irresponsibility by urging people to rush to the garage and have their cars tanked up before midnight just to save a few ringgit.

"It is the economy, stupid!"

It is about time Malaysians learn that Malaysia's fuels are subsidised! You are paying less than the people around the world do! Are we forgetting about inflation? You just can't stop it. That is capitalism for you and the country (unfortunately) has subscribed to that system.

"The government does not grow money on trees."

Money spent on subsidising your car's drink so you could drive merrily around just for the sake of driving, is much better spent improving the education and health care sector.

BTW, Halian has blogged on the fuel increase. His view is very much the same as mine although he didn't go so far as to recommend the total abolishment of fuel subsidies, something I am in favour of.

Imagine that? Billions of Malaysia Ringgits every year would be freed up to boost up the country's ailing public transport system.


I am a little bored today. Will probably spent some time sleeping and watching the telly. But I did go to the French market again. VoilĂ 

Squirrel sightings are high around this area of town:

Long Baguette bread, cured duck sausage, dry venison pork sausage and hard dry walnut pork sausage:

Sanduicus cipolatas with salad (onions, tomatoes etc.) and tomato and mustard.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

French Gourmet Market, Ealing Green

Ealing Green has been playing host to a French gourmet market since yesterday. They will be here till tomorrow, and yes some of them were rude:

The Ealing summer jazz festival at Walpole Park will also end tomorrow:

The Ealing animal shelter for wildlife, after much protest from the locals, has recently reopened after it was closed down more than a year ago. No more rabbits though:

What I got from the bleeding French market - a Pain aux Fromages, a French dry sausage with Beaujolais wine and a 200g of soft Brie de Meaux cheese. The cheese is tasty. Mild in flavour, not salty and very creamy layered.

The sausage is excellent. At around £4 it isn't cheap for about 200g of dried meat but I am still going back to the market tomorrow and get me some more of the many other cured sausages.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

LU Tube station notice

Got this in my mailbox today. It has been making rounds on other Britblogs for quite some time.

Well here it is:

It has been proven to be faked but even if it wasn't, it would still be damn funny. I am aware that the LU staff at my Tube stations has in the past wrote funny announcements on the information board.

Ealing Summer Jazz Festival

Just got back from the Ealing Jazz festival at Walpole Park. Jazz isn't my cup of tea so I bolted after merely 1/2 hour. It was getting windy and cold too and I did not bring a jacket.

Here are some pictures:

This is what two weeks of festival can do to your lawn...terrible isn't it?

Ken Baldock Quintet

More revellers arrived when I was leaving

Walpole park

I ended up chasing this poor squirrel around trying to get a shot of it!

London armed

Traveling home from Central London today was a pretty scary experience. I clutched my rucksack, then opened it wide so people could glance inside it and be assured that it's not armed with any bombs.

The Met has deployed thousands of armed SO19 policemen around the city at almost every Tube station. Each were carrying Heckler & Koch MP5K PDW carbines and Glock 17 handguns on their hips.

To readers from other countries this may seem normal, but it isn't. The police in London are usually unarmed. I swear I have never seen a single armed police on duty (apart from an armed siege in Leicester Square which I witnessed with dull interest) during my first four years in Britain. Only after the September 11 attacks have I seen armed police.

I didn't dare to take pictures of those armed units. Did not want to get shot. So here is today's Evening Standard with a front page picture of the fine boys in uniform.

This is the only picture I managed to get of the Met Police outside our local Tube station. I shot this across the road. Thank god for zoom.

They look pretty bored. I bet most of them are secretly wishing they would be transfered to SO19 and be issued with those nice looking submachine guns. And the guy in the middle is wearing a 'Livestrong' yellow band!

BTW, Tony Blair and Jack Straw claimed that there were no links between the London bombings and Iraq. Then what is this here? It is MI5's take on the recent London bombings:
Though they have a range of aspirations and "causes", Iraq is a dominant issue for a range of extremist groups and individuals in the UK and Europe. Some individuals who support the insurgency are known to have travelled to Iraq in order to fight against coalition forces. In the longer term, it is possible that they may later return to the UK and consider mounting attacks here.
Oh what about this:

Relatives say Met admits that, contrary to reports, electrician did not leap tube station barrier and wasn't wearing bulky clothings.

In Case I Get Shot In The Back Of The Head

Remember the e-mail promoting 'ICE'? Well a campaign to encourage people to store personal details on their mobile phones to help identify victims of accidents where they get shot in the back of their head has been launched by Tim of Bloggerheads:

ICIGSITBOTH - In Case I Get Shot In The Back Of The Head

Eight out of ten people aren't carrying information that would help if they were accidentally or mistakenly shot in the back of the head. Storing next-of-kin details in your mobile phone can assist the emergency services if you're unable to tell them who to contact because your brains are spilled all over a railway platform.

How does it work?

Simply use your mobile's phone book to store the name and number of someone who should be contacted if you happen to be shot in the back of the head - but add the letters ICIGSITBOTH in front of their name.

ICIGSITBOTH stands for "In Case I Get Shot In The Back Of The Head": it's what the emergency services will look for if you're somewhat dark in colour, happen to be wearing a heavy jacket on a sunny day and/or fail to stop when plain-clothed men holding automatic weapons chase you down the street. This incredibly straightforward idea was developed by the Gnus Of The World and is supported by Bloggerheads.

Getting started

On most mobile phones you simply need to select "Contacts" and choose "Add New Contact", then enter the letters "ICIGSITBOTH" next to the name, followed by the telephone number of your next of kin. Make sure you choose a number that's easy to get in touch with - and please make sure that you choose a friend or family member with a good imagination and strong stomach, as they will no doubt be called upon to identify you at the morgue.

More here.

I laughed my arse off when I read the article. Funny funny shit!

Please pass it on...just in case...

BTW, protest to stop protest exclusion zone. August 1st.

Provisional IRA ends armed campaign

After all the bad news in London over the past three weeks, I am glad that the Provisional Irish Republican Army has decided to end its form of terrorism (aka armed struggle). Effective from 4pm BST today.

There will be no more IRA posters such as these...hopefully (image source: CAIN)

More here

IRA statement in full

The cynicals

Will the PLO now combat terrorism? (image source:

Updated my music collection plus new playlist

Dammit, I just spent my entire evening ripping up twenty odd albums into Windows Media Audio v9.1 format. I am so dead tired...

Well the reason being is I quite like the idea of having album covers on my PDA being shown while the music plays. It is of zero value I know, because who the hell looks at their player while listening to music (except those iPodders on the Tube who always seek excuses to flash the white thingy). But you know, I kinda like the yes, I spent a couple of the past few hours encoding the albums with dbPowerAMP.

Tried a couple of settings but found WMA 9.1 96kbps, 44kHz VBR 2-pass to be a pretty good middle way between quality and small file size. Yes, the tracks are heavily compressed but I am no audiophile and can hardly tell the difference between 96kbps and 160kbps, even though I am equipped with a Shure e2c.

Managed to fit in almost 300 tracks (600Mb) on my card. I had to leave space for the huge 220Mb Lexipedia (portable Wikipedia) handbook. Not sure why I bother keeping it. The articles are outdated and the software is buggy.

The only problem with using WMP 10 on my PDA is there isn't any equalizer. Apart from that I am pretty happy with it. I archived my Ogg files just in case some enterprising individual ever writes a Ogg player with picture support (PalmOS already has one in the form of BuskerMP3 - it is dead buggy though).

Oh well, here's hoping.

My current 'London Underground'* playlist:

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
The Bravery - The Bravery
British Sea Power - The Decline of British Sea Power & Open Season
The Coral - The Invisible Invasion
The Dead 60s - The Dead 60s
Doves - The Last Broadcast & Lost Souls
Foo Fighters - In Your Honour (CD1)
The Futureheads - Futureheads
Garbage - Bleed Like Me
Gwen Stefani - Love, Angel, Music, Baby
The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning Strike
K.T. Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope
Kaiser Chiefs - Employment
The Killers - Hot Fuss
The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers
Malcolm Middleton - Into the Woods
Maximo Park - A Certain Trigger
Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
Pixies - Doolittle
The Ordinary Boys - Brassbound
Thirteen Senses - The Invitation
Sons & Daughters - The Repulsion Box
Stephen Fretwell - Magpie
The Tears - Here Come The Tears

* Because I only really have time to listen to music on the Underground/Bus/Train.

BTW, here is a roundup on the HTC Wizard (aka i-mate JAM2, T-Mobile MDA Compact 2 etc.). Looks pretty ugly to me. Not sure about the QWERTY keypad - I would rather have a traditional numerical keypad. The processor is a 200Mhz T.I. OMAP variant. But after all the problems I had with my current mobile, I am not sure if I want to trust my pounds in another HTC product.

Well good night!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

DOA hard drive

Well I got my hard drive as expected today. Unpacked it carefully, removed my secondary harddrive (Seagate) and installed the new one (in slave position as I want to clone it later with Clone 2003). Booted my PC.

Got this instead:

The new drive is dying faster than my three year old drive, which it (the new one) was supposed to replace! Numerous utilities later and a 2 hour failed attempt at cloning, I believe it is fair to say that I received a dud Maxtor.

E-mailed Overclock. Let's see what they think about it.

Update: Well my RMA request has been authorised. Will send it back tomorrow.

Metro London Special database updated

Follow up to my Metro article.

That was quick. Patrice and Frank has released the latest London Special database with updated information to reflect the changes made to the Tube system following last Thursday's botched attacks. Included in the update is the full resumption of the Metropolitan Line service up to Aldgate.

Download from Metro website.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Eight times

Seven in the head, one in the shoulder.

Yes, seven. You need seven in the head to kill a man, or so that was what the police thought would be needed. I didn't know it was a video game. Seven.

Which is why although the temperature in London is hovering around 13C tonight I did not wear a jacket on the bus just now. And I will not wear one when I am going out later.

Do not want to get shot.

Update via Tube Diary

The July 25th failed Oval bomber on the southbound Northern Line.

The Great Blizzard of 30th January 2003

Found this amusing webpage by a Londoner. It charts the author's amazing journey from Hammersmith to Kingsbury on the 30th January 2003. If you remember there was a severe blizzard that day that crippled London's transport network.

Just to be sure I checked my Outlook calendar folder and sure enough under 30 January 2003 I wrote (I treat Outlook as a journal/diary rather than an organiser) the words: FUCKING BLIZZARD!

I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was 4pm when the blizzard started. The day before the BBC warned of an artic blast heading our way. Well we didn't care really. Three weeks before snow battered and brought London to a standstill.

8 January 2003

I was traveling from South Kensington on the Piccadilly Line to South Ealing. Jennifer was coming from Brighton on the train and would arrive at about 8pm. So I thought, hell just go home first, get dressed, head back into Central London and pick her up before going out for dinner somewhere in the city.

Big mistake. The usual 20 minutes journey from South Kensington to South Ealing lasted one hour. Once at South Ealing it was a scary journey on foot back to my flat. Because the South Ealing station's platform is an island I had to be careful not to fall into the train pit. The walk home was tough. I do not own boots so it was slippery. It was also extremely cold.

The day after...

I got home at about 5.15pm, dried myself up. My woolen jacket is completely soaked. I had to search for another jacket. Had a quick shower and caught The Simpsons on BBC Two. At 6.30pm while The Simpsons credit was still rolling I left the flat. This time I headed to Ealing Broadway station. Simple reason why I chose Ealing Broadway really. It was nearer and I didn't want to head back to South Ealing and stand on its narrow island platform.

Well it didn't matter which line I took because both are overground lines and only goes underground once it reaches Zone 2 or Zone 1. Both were delayed because of the amount of snow being hurled down. I finally reached Victoria one hour later and met Jenni. We bundled up and went straight back. Through the District Line this time.

Peering out the Tube window it was clear that this will last the night. Temperatures were already dipping well below freezing.

Do I look European to you?

A couple of years ago when I was still thin some of my friends would comment that I do not look 'chinese'. Eh? "You look mixed!" "You look Eurosian." etc. My friends from mainland China were even more sceptical. "You are not chinese. You can't even speak chinese." I never said I was from China! Living in Malaysia, everyone knew my pedigree is chinese.

So a new fad on the Interweb called Face Analyzer came to my attention one day and I jumped the chance to mess around with it, uploading many different photographs of me with different facial emotions.

Most of which churn out my job description as 'white collar' which is in fact true but I suspect it got that from my profile, compiling the data from where I lived, age, drunkness and other shits. Average social life, average risk, average honour, average politeness. Yes I am just an average guy.

With every different picture I submitted I got a different celebmatch. If this face analyzer is true, my ancestors are people from Middle East, England, Germany, Russia etc. It challenged my family's genealogy tree. Not that I have a tree. I only know so far as my grandparents - that's it! Genealogy never interest me one bit, but now I might just do a little more research. No matter, please read on.

In this picture Face Analzer reckons they are looking at a 1% Middle Eastern, 56% Southern European, 30% South East Asian and 13% Chinese man. Oh they said I look like Ben Affleck too. Gak. When I resubmitted it got Leon Lai and at one time Jackie Chan. What the bloody fuck!

At one time this picture (this was taken two days after the London bombs when I wanted to look 'tough' for my 'Not Afraid' banner. Failed eh?) above yielded the result of 40% Anglo-Saxon and 56% Middle Eastern. WTF! You see any 'Englishness' in the face above?! *Caughs* When I resubmitted they thought it was Robert DeNiro. I am seriously flattered. And now I look like Christian Slater.

The point is Face Analyzer uses and I quote from them here: "state of the art facial recognition technology and the most recent developments in the field of evolutionary psychology we are able to provide you with a patented process that correlates facial characteristics to personality traits. Our Biometric software allows us to automatically find and measure certain key facial features. We use these measurements with our algorithms to determine your inherent personality profile."

This very technology is currently in trials around Britain and will be used in combating crime and terrorism based on facial recognition technology embedded with CCTV systems. And right from the moment my results came in it is obvious that the technology is flawed.

It is crazy. Computers and humans can't even tell the difference between a person's race. Great example was last Friday's killing of a Brazilian man. There was a witness who kept describing him as 'Asian' looking. In Britain Asian means Indian/Pakistani looking.

You can have a go here.

Update: removed

Film Review: Foreign Moon

BBC Two is currently showing Foreign Moon, a British/Chinese film by Zhang Zeming. It is set in London. According to the paper the film was made in 1995. Just ten years ago. This is just an experimental live review to see whether I am able to jump to any visible conclusion even while the film is being screened.

A lot has changed since 1995. I am watching it not because of anything apart from its location - London. It is fascinating to find that in 1995 there were still big head mullets and mohawks around. I thought those were trendy in the 1980s. Well I don't know I only visited London once in 1996 and then finally moving in 2000.

It does highlight a certain chinese culture in London that still exists. That of the reliance on certain chinese immigrants in sticking together with 'their own people'. Earlier in the film she demonstrated that she could converse in English, albeit badly, but isn't that the point of moving to London that silly girl. By sticking with her 'own people' and not seeking help from the authorities she seems determined to be doomed.

Reminds me of my former flatmate. She is from China and she really only sticks with her own people. Fortunately there were no other mainland chinese resident here which meant she is forced to converse in English with the rest of us. Barely a year (she hate it here) later she moved out. Guess where? To a flat which contains four other mainland chinese students. Crazy! I doubt she knows a single non-Chinese person outside her class and flat.

Now 30 minutes into the film and I am bored. The acting is pretty terrible. A certain Vicky Chan who plays the lead character Lan Lan is extremely incapable of expressing any sorts of emotions.

[00:45] I am seriously losing the plot. Actually there isn't a storyline. The auteurs apparently thought of this as an 'art' film and tried to create one.

Because I am waiting for something to happen, I will give a lowdown on what the film is about. Lan Lan arrives from China on a sponsorship to study music. On arriving at Victoria Station (not sure how she got there) she discovers that her sponsor did not meet up with her. Here she
meets a chinese Londoner who helped her to her sponsor's home.

There she discovers that her sponsor expects her to marry his son, Su Tong. She ran away of course and went to live with that old guy (I think). She gets a job with her new takeaway friends. And Su Tong (who looks pretty scary in his small figure) keeps popping up now and again.

[00:50] Apparently the only interesting character in the film, the chinese guy with the long hair (Deng Lin) has loads of admirers - mostly white girls and white guys. Hmm...

Here is something interesting: you could get a takeaway delivered in 1995 for only £1.50.

[01:00] Ah... good ol' Routemasters...

[01:10] "You are a fucking whore you know, you are a fucking whore you know!" Christ, I do not know how much I could take.

[01:25] This is getting silly. I am sure if any of you bother to read would be bored by now. I am.

[01:30] Channel 4 has highlights on yesterday's England Vs Australia cricket test.

[01:35] Ugh...old guy just made love with young lady, and then she goes of and marry the rich

Music Review: The Dead 60s - The Dead 60s

This album would be released in the UK this coming September. Meanwhile this review is based on the US version and tracklist. According to Amazon UK, the UK version will arrive in a double CD format with

Often labeled as revivalist to the 1970s British punk movement, The Dead 60s hail from Liverpool. The Scouse band features four extremely well cut individuals from the land that gave us bad hair cut and The Zutons. Like Kaiser Chiefs, The Dead 60s are seeking the revival of the popular Ska movement - or at least that is what it seems.

You could see where The Dead 60s get their inspiration from. The image is of council estate tower blocks' a significant iconic image in the ska movement throughout Northern England; towers over the front cover.

From the debut single of Riot Radio, the album signifies a breath of fresh air, giving me a chance to take a break from commercial radio. Well, not really fresh because you are talking about revival. But it is good. In a way. Hints of The Clash and reggae heavy The Specials are evident. A couple of weak touches (We Get Low) but tracks like New Town Disaster only prove how much I really love this Merseyside band.

The only problem is the copy protection that resides the US version. I know...punk band and control systems do not mix. But they did. It isn't a problem to defeat the system (please do not ask here).

Another great album for 2005. What a year and it is still only July!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Dying harddrive

My primary harddrive, a three year old Maxtor, is doing some 'clicking' sounds. This only mean one thing. It is about to die a horrible death. Expected really. Three years of usage. I am surprised it lasted this long.

I can't be arsed to reformat my secondary harddrive - a Seagate - and clone it, too much hassle since it is full. I really do not have the time to burn 160Gb worth of shit to 40 DVD-Rs. The only way is to order a new drive.

So I logged into My first choice in anything computer hardware related because I like them. Their old warehouse was based nearby West Ealing (nearby the hospital but they are now in Slough) and they would allow me to go and collect. The help I received when I was building my current PC was superb really counted.

Actually I am quite surprised that prices of IDE harddrives has hardly fallen since last year. I got my Seagate 160 for about £90. £90 can only get you 250Gb. Bah. Pretty annoyed with that. I thought we would be able to get 300Gb drives by now. Merely two years ago my Toshiba 128Mb SD card retailed at £99, now you can get 1Gb cards for less than that.

So that's it - I ordered a Maxtor DiamondMax 10 200Gb with 8Mb cache for £75 (including VAT & delivery). Delivery is next day (Tuesday). Gives me time to sort out my drive, get my clone software up and running and probably clean up my ATX case too. Stupid Antec Lanboy, sucks dirt like a Dyson. Never lose suction.

So come Tuesday I will have a total of 400Gb of harddrive space. Pretty pathetic really.

Btw, here is a great find: 512Mb RS-MMC card for £25 for your Nokia mobiles. Sure it is the Kingmax brand (pretty slow at creating files) but it beats getting them from dodgy Hong Kong/American dealers on eBay.


I normally do not put up conversations, but these two are pretty interesting (from my perspective). The first is with an old uni mate I met at the pub and the second is with a Malaysian student.

Conversation 1:

Me: So what do you think about the shooting?

O: Stupid stupid stupid! I am in the TA and you can see that the police fucked it up!

Me: You were in the territorial army!*

O: Of course I am. Sent to Iraq two years ago..

Me: Hmm...well you never told me. So what did the police do wrong? What happened?

O: Okay, from what we have here. They suspected that he was a suicide bomber. Now, if they really thought he was acting strange shouldn't they stop him from boarding the bus?

Me: I...I never thought about that.

O: Think about it? The media are bloody slow about this. Why didn't they take him down before be boarded the bus? Away from the crowd? You do not have to shoot to kill because he would not be able to kill loads of people even if he was a suicide bomber. And if he was really one, then bang away - I don't care. But this proves one thing. How fucking incompetent the police were that day. Five times. Poor guy. In the head. Probably getting high with his toy.

Me: True...true...

O: (points up) Kimi is out.

Me: (looks up) Oh. Don't watch Formula one. The test** is probably on the other channel. Can we ask the babe to change the channel?

* I doubt (but I could be wrong) they receive more training than SO13 Special Branch who, if speculations are true, were responsible for the killing.

** England got hammered by the Aussies.

Update: Straw spins it...

Conversation 2:

*deleted due to request* if you really want to know what it is about, it is a conversation between us regarding K.Lians's obsession with Ikea, Tesco and Starbucks.

Food Review: Fray Bentos Chicken Curry Pie

Not long ago Sixthseal did a review on Fray Bentos Chicken & Mushroom Pie. I was intrigued that there is such a thing as canned pie. So I bought this from Safeway for around £1.30. It has laid in my kitchen cupboard for about five/six weeks now. I wasn't looking forward to eating it until I got back today and found my fridge was empty. Because it was quite late (the supermarkets have already closed), I decided to have this.

As you can see this is the curry chicken version. What am I letting myself into?

'Nutrition' fact at the back. 40g of fat/65g carb out of 475g of dry weight. I am dead.

Opening it is pretty easy. I used a can opener and viola the lid pops up easily. Not cuts for me. As you can see from the picture above, it is a soggy mess of gooey - wheat flour. Disgusting looks!

30 minutes later from a 250C oven and this was what I got. Overcooked. The crust has risen and it is indeed golden in colour.

Is it any good I hear some of you ask? Uhm...surprisingly it tasted well. It is not spicy but it is curry. English'fied curry that is. Yes, there are chicken pieces but not too many. The problem is although I obviously overcooked the crust, some parts of the inside feels uncooked. The inside layer was still soggy.

At £1.30 something it is good value, if you can stomach something as disgusting as this. Yes, the curry tastes well...but that's just the top layer. The inside layer is inedible. Head to the pub instead and order yourself a hearty meal of proper pie instead.

DVD Review: BBC Walking with Dinosaurs

Ever since catching the mini documentary series on the BBC in 1999 I have been secretly wanting to own this little piece of television history. Yes, I may be twenty something, but I am still a kid when it comes to dinosaurs.

I finally got it today when I found it in a WHSmith sale 'box'. £7.99. Amazon UK sells the DVD for £22.49. 8 quid is a bargain!

By using CGI technique first seen on Jurassic Park, the BBC has developed six 30-minute programmes ranging from the time when dinosaurs were relatively new to our tiny planet and its evolution and then to its sudden demise some 65 million years ago.

It was the first blockbuster documentary series in the UK. The first disc comes with all six episodes with picture in picture sequences (DVD angle-2). The second disc contains the making of feature which contains funny interludes.

Disc One screenshots:

Disc two screenshots:

Technical data: Region 2+4, Dolby Digital/Stereo, DVD9 (Disc 1) + DVD5 (Disc 2), 16:9 aspect ratio, 230 minutes running time

Available at Amazon UK or