Monday, July 25, 2005

Film Review: Foreign Moon

BBC Two is currently showing Foreign Moon, a British/Chinese film by Zhang Zeming. It is set in London. According to the paper the film was made in 1995. Just ten years ago. This is just an experimental live review to see whether I am able to jump to any visible conclusion even while the film is being screened.

A lot has changed since 1995. I am watching it not because of anything apart from its location - London. It is fascinating to find that in 1995 there were still big head mullets and mohawks around. I thought those were trendy in the 1980s. Well I don't know I only visited London once in 1996 and then finally moving in 2000.

It does highlight a certain chinese culture in London that still exists. That of the reliance on certain chinese immigrants in sticking together with 'their own people'. Earlier in the film she demonstrated that she could converse in English, albeit badly, but isn't that the point of moving to London that silly girl. By sticking with her 'own people' and not seeking help from the authorities she seems determined to be doomed.

Reminds me of my former flatmate. She is from China and she really only sticks with her own people. Fortunately there were no other mainland chinese resident here which meant she is forced to converse in English with the rest of us. Barely a year (she hate it here) later she moved out. Guess where? To a flat which contains four other mainland chinese students. Crazy! I doubt she knows a single non-Chinese person outside her class and flat.

Now 30 minutes into the film and I am bored. The acting is pretty terrible. A certain Vicky Chan who plays the lead character Lan Lan is extremely incapable of expressing any sorts of emotions.

[00:45] I am seriously losing the plot. Actually there isn't a storyline. The auteurs apparently thought of this as an 'art' film and tried to create one.

Because I am waiting for something to happen, I will give a lowdown on what the film is about. Lan Lan arrives from China on a sponsorship to study music. On arriving at Victoria Station (not sure how she got there) she discovers that her sponsor did not meet up with her. Here she
meets a chinese Londoner who helped her to her sponsor's home.

There she discovers that her sponsor expects her to marry his son, Su Tong. She ran away of course and went to live with that old guy (I think). She gets a job with her new takeaway friends. And Su Tong (who looks pretty scary in his small figure) keeps popping up now and again.

[00:50] Apparently the only interesting character in the film, the chinese guy with the long hair (Deng Lin) has loads of admirers - mostly white girls and white guys. Hmm...

Here is something interesting: you could get a takeaway delivered in 1995 for only £1.50.

[01:00] Ah... good ol' Routemasters...

[01:10] "You are a fucking whore you know, you are a fucking whore you know!" Christ, I do not know how much I could take.

[01:25] This is getting silly. I am sure if any of you bother to read would be bored by now. I am.

[01:30] Channel 4 has highlights on yesterday's England Vs Australia cricket test.

[01:35] Ugh...old guy just made love with young lady, and then she goes of and marry the rich

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