Sunday, July 31, 2005

"Fuel prices up! Oh my what do we do?!?"

Latest news out of my birth country is fuel prices are up. Well actually the prices of fuel has been going up around the whole wide world (in London average of 90p for 'unleaded 95' - up from 80p in January).

But to some in the Malaysian "blogosphere", fuel prices evolves around them. There are those who exercised irresponsibility by urging people to rush to the garage and have their cars tanked up before midnight just to save a few ringgit.

"It is the economy, stupid!"

It is about time Malaysians learn that Malaysia's fuels are subsidised! You are paying less than the people around the world do! Are we forgetting about inflation? You just can't stop it. That is capitalism for you and the country (unfortunately) has subscribed to that system.

"The government does not grow money on trees."

Money spent on subsidising your car's drink so you could drive merrily around just for the sake of driving, is much better spent improving the education and health care sector.

BTW, Halian has blogged on the fuel increase. His view is very much the same as mine although he didn't go so far as to recommend the total abolishment of fuel subsidies, something I am in favour of.

Imagine that? Billions of Malaysia Ringgits every year would be freed up to boost up the country's ailing public transport system.

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