Monday, July 25, 2005

Music Review: The Dead 60s - The Dead 60s

This album would be released in the UK this coming September. Meanwhile this review is based on the US version and tracklist. According to Amazon UK, the UK version will arrive in a double CD format with

Often labeled as revivalist to the 1970s British punk movement, The Dead 60s hail from Liverpool. The Scouse band features four extremely well cut individuals from the land that gave us bad hair cut and The Zutons. Like Kaiser Chiefs, The Dead 60s are seeking the revival of the popular Ska movement - or at least that is what it seems.

You could see where The Dead 60s get their inspiration from. The image is of council estate tower blocks' a significant iconic image in the ska movement throughout Northern England; towers over the front cover.

From the debut single of Riot Radio, the album signifies a breath of fresh air, giving me a chance to take a break from commercial radio. Well, not really fresh because you are talking about revival. But it is good. In a way. Hints of The Clash and reggae heavy The Specials are evident. A couple of weak touches (We Get Low) but tracks like New Town Disaster only prove how much I really love this Merseyside band.

The only problem is the copy protection that resides the US version. I know...punk band and control systems do not mix. But they did. It isn't a problem to defeat the system (please do not ask here).

Another great album for 2005. What a year and it is still only July!


Anonymous said...

I recommend Ordinary Boys. A blast!

Jon said...

See my new playlist