Friday, July 22, 2005

London: again...

Train evacuated as 'shots heard'

It may just be false alarm. BBC News 24 has a piece up.

Update: BBC London isn't treating this seriously.

An eye witness called Ben described a scuffle at a carriage, people running out and in then 10 to 12 shots were discharged. The train was in dock. Speculation?

Update 2: Mark on BBC London states that an Asian guy ran on the train pursued by plain cloth police, he tripped in the train and while the guy was (pushed?) on the floor, an armed plain clothes police discharged 5 shots into him.

Really weird... The suspected suicide bomber was pushed to the floor? And then shot?

Update 3: Victoria Line (Victoria-Brixton), Northern Line (Kennington-Morden) suspended. Stockwell Station closed.

Update 4: A couple of eye witness has described that the Asian guy has been bundled down (more like jumping on him) and a plain clothes armed officer unloaded a couple of shots at him. Close range. Suspected suicide bomber. Isn't that a tad too risky??? (update: he died)

Update 5:
East London Mosque on Whitechapel Road being surrounded by police.

Update 6: This doesn't seem to be as serious as even yesterday's events. Now I have an errand to attend to in North London. Listen to BBC London for more info.

Update 7: Nosemonkey has a liveblog at Europhobia.

Update 8 (11:40 BST): TfL for travel updates.

Update 9: There is an interesting debate on 'stop & search' on BBC London now with the public chipping in their two pence.

Update 10: Okay, I am off...I just need to figure out how to get to North London...

Update 11: I am back. Got held up for the moment. Anyway here is a slight update on what is happening. People are pretty damn calm at the moment as I am as well. The distruption on the Tube does not help me one bit, but you know business as usual... The East London Mosque cordon has been lifted (false alarm). I need to get a bus map...


8dee said...

again....they just doen't stop....

Jay said...

The first time it happened, it was news. I watched BBC all day long and browsed online endlessly for more information.

This time round, I just cannot be bothered anymore.

elb said...

bus map? get one from the traffic police outside closed Underground stations. At least that's how I got mine :P

Jon said...

I got an old one from 1999. Glancing at it I think most of the bus routes has stayed the same.

Jay, I know what you mean. It is pretty pathetic really. I think I will continue blogging about this...because sometimes it is just so funny! Especially the cock ups on Thursday.