Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Film Review: Baise-Moi

Baise-Moi DVD

I have been meaning to watch this for some time. This is the UK cut version, not the original uncut version (I have no idea where to get that). I got this from an indie store in Brighton for £6.99 about two months ago. Because it isn't a R18 film, you can buy this anywhere including Borders.

Some has labeled this movie as 'pornographic'. It isn't. It is a typical road movie but unlike Hollywood road movies where you either encounter a creature who wakes up every few years or have a bunch of yanks creating havoc in Prague, this is a gritty film which is full of senseless violence by women.

Based on a novel of the same title the film begins with Manu getting raped and Nadine witnessing her only friend being shot. When they met, they decided to embark on a road trip filled with violence (murder) and sexual encounters. A sort of revenge against men. Think Thelma & Louise but with real sex and proper violence (not kiddies stuff like Tarantino's films).

The film isn't very good even though it managed to court controversial. Film noir it may be but it isn't an art house (my opinion). The violence is on par with Irreversible though maybe not as realistic or as nauseating but it does occur more often. Much so that even the liberal French gave it a 18 on re-release! (For comparison they rated both Irreversible and Odishon a '16')

The auteur did well in presenting it, but I guess the hype that came with it was not justified. Get Irreversible instead.


Jay said...

I downloaded Irreversible on WinMX but got a French copy instead, with no English subtitles. It wasn't very clear anyway, so no great loss. But you might explore that avenue if you want to see the original version.

Jon Choo said...

Will do, not sure how much was cut out. The violent scenes are pretty amateurished. If anything was cut out it would probably be the sex scenes/penetration.

Speaking of subtitles, the Baise-Moi UK DVD has the English subtitles burnt in - you won't be able to switch turn if off.

cccp said...

i have the uncut version of baise-moi downloaded a while ago. it was pretty violent, and the sex/penetration was real and a little 'uncomfortable'... cause it's not exactly porn, but you see everything.

i've never seen irreversible... thanks to your mention here, i'll go check it out.

Jon Choo said...

Well the UK cut Baise-Moi has penetration as well. I am just guessing that the uncut version will be worst. Not that it matters, if its just more sex I can do better by getting regular porn (not that I do!).

By the way, the DVD contains a couple of extra features including a 'making off' and a QA session with the makers (in English).