Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday news round-up

The Guardian: Pro-war in denial over links to London blast

British bloggers coming of age in face of London terror

Will you be there? Mass vigil planned for Thursday evening at Trafalgar Square.

The Chimp finally makes his speech. Attempts to use the London tragedy as basis for further 'war on terror'. Hmm...terrorism...


Nine Iraqi workers left to boil/die in container

US$2.2billion needed to migrate out of lands that does not belong to them

More than 30 dead in Iraq suicide blast

10 years ago, 8000 Muslims were killed by Serbian forces. Can they face the past?


Now do this. Just in case. (source: Metroblogging London)


Not suicide bomber(s) argues a Brit blogger.

A little bit late, here is Boris Johnson's comment on his blog.

Killing people is alright, but sex isn't.

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