Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Monopoly - The Here & Now Limited Edition


Well this is the new edition of
Monopoly released to mark the 70th anniversary of the popular board game. They says it is limited (update: it is limited only for the inclusion of the London bus mover) but I am not sure. We will see. Some has even said that this is a complete revamped. The classic version is still available if you prefer as are other special edition boards such as Star Wars or Brighton. Monopoly - The Here & Now Limited Edition is available from Woolworths and most places for a crisp twenty.


Here is the revamped board dominated by a rendering of London's popular and modern landmarks like the erotic
Gherkin, London Eye, Thames Barrier and Wembley Stadium. I really like the new design. New locations for purchase include London airports which replaces the train stations and GMTV studio, Soho, Notting Hill, Wimbledon and The Scum.


Here is a close-up of the famous Go starting point. Instead of £200 you now collect £2m as you pass go. You would really need them with prime estates such as The City and Canary Wharf costing £4m and £3.25m. I am a little disappointed by the design of the houses (now called apartments) and hotels. A little too cheap (but stackable). But the new movers are amazing. They finally got on with time, now you have a rollerblade, skateboard, burger, racing bus, F1 car, airplane and a classic routemaster London bus (limited).


The design of the new paper money isn't that great. It's all available in white background colour for all denominations up to £5m.

Monopoly Bus

All in all the redesign is wonderful. There are a couple of minor misses such as the inclusion of The Scum for £1.5m. Who the hell wants to purchase a rag like that? This is the budding game for hardcore capitalist and wannabee property developers. Which is all a little weird since my ideals are more towards the left. But then again this is just a game. A great game which I played since I was a kid.


wil@theblackjournal said...

Wow...u actually went and got it..hehe.. I've just been playing the online version last week. Got a bit boring. IMO, I like the names from the old board but this is an interesting update.

Jon said...

Its actually Jennifer's. We played it last night (I won) and the paper monies are a little too thin. The big denominations needs getting used to but I am happy with it. Would be a blast if I could get a couple more people to join in. Alas most of the people I know are die hard anti-capitalist. Most of the time I just play Monopoly for Pocket PC version.

living-in-the-uk said...

looks quite nice actually. hehe monopoly is nice with 10 ppl.
not that i remember how to fit 10 players in there.good one. just when i thought i could buy marylebone. it becomes outdated. lol.