Sunday, July 24, 2005

DVD Review: BBC Walking with Dinosaurs

Ever since catching the mini documentary series on the BBC in 1999 I have been secretly wanting to own this little piece of television history. Yes, I may be twenty something, but I am still a kid when it comes to dinosaurs.

I finally got it today when I found it in a WHSmith sale 'box'. £7.99. Amazon UK sells the DVD for £22.49. 8 quid is a bargain!

By using CGI technique first seen on Jurassic Park, the BBC has developed six 30-minute programmes ranging from the time when dinosaurs were relatively new to our tiny planet and its evolution and then to its sudden demise some 65 million years ago.

It was the first blockbuster documentary series in the UK. The first disc comes with all six episodes with picture in picture sequences (DVD angle-2). The second disc contains the making of feature which contains funny interludes.

Disc One screenshots:

Disc two screenshots:

Technical data: Region 2+4, Dolby Digital/Stereo, DVD9 (Disc 1) + DVD5 (Disc 2), 16:9 aspect ratio, 230 minutes running time

Available at Amazon UK or


elb said...

so have I, but I totally forgot about it for years! *reminds self to run down to WH Smith*

mamat said...

8 quid versus 22.5? It's a steal!

So do I, also forgot about it, am *running to WH Smith as well*

Damn it, so WH Smith in Kelate!

Jon said...

Well good luck with that. It was the only one left in my local branch and it was in the bargain bin. Still 8 fuckin' quid. A snip!

Anonymous said...

Heh. I was at Smith and they didn't have it. :(