Thursday, July 7, 2005

See, London Underground is fine - Do not panic!

Pity those buggers today in Central London. Most were on the telly walking home in the rain no less. But some has decided to stay in hotels rather than walk home. A few of those interviewed told the BBC that they were not planning on returning to work tomorrow because the tube would be out of service (little did they know, sigh). Damn excuses!

Just look at these TfL text messages I just received: LU will start running a reduced service tomorrow morning! No excuses ladies. You will all have to go to work.

Tfl text message

Tfl text message


Life Feel said...

Just be careful and don't drop off your guard.
never know if there is another attack.

Those terrorists manage to create multiple blasts, even manage to put bomb in a bus, so they are not simple.

Be Careful.

a blog reader
- Life Feel

Anonymous said...

That is very professional of the authorities on sending messages to the people of London. I wonder what would the operators of KL's Star and Putra do if such a tragedy had occured in Malaysia.

Jon said...

Life Feel, thanks for the concern. We are careful, we have always been.

Anonymous, I won't want to get into a rant against Malaysia's emergency services lack of professionalism. I do not know. Nothing like this has occured in Malaysia yet so we won't know.