Monday, July 4, 2005


Here is a piece on BBC New's on Malaysia's continued attack on freedom of religion.

Okay, so they are a sect cult, have a funny name and have a leader by the name of Ayah Pin (Father Pin). They probably do weird stuff such as worshipping their giant teapot. But I don't see anyone being hurt physically or financially by being members of the sect.

Because the leader was born a muslim all his actions are now judged on muslim law (although he has renounced the religion). By meeting Christians and Hindus, the government has deemed him to be 'unislamic' which all seems to be a little weird - I always thought the government would at least pretend to be supportive of religious tolerance and harmony.

Then there is this piece by Malaysia's current favourite red top tabloid. This blog entry by Lee Koi pretty much sums what I feel with a strong arguement for equality towards gays and transvestities. Maybe it is time I quit the country for good.


David said...

hi, I foudn this new issue pretty interestign too. Moreover since I'm from Terengganu. Anyway, was wondering where your post was on the wristbands, can't seem to spot it.

Oh, I doubt that most English readers would like The Star being referred to as a tabloid, its the size, true... but so is every other English paper over here and it is the best English paper around at this point :)

Jon Choo said...

Here it is:

Well...The Star is a tabloid, probably not as low as British's The Scum or The Mirror, more like Daily Mail. IMO. ;)