Thursday, July 21, 2005

London: not again!

'Incidents' spark Tube evacuation

Update: Three lines suspended, Warren Street and Oval tube stations involved.

Update 2: *deleted* An incident on the number 26 bus (Hackney) has been reported.

Update 3: *deleted*

Update 4: Apparently dummy explosions were used with detonators only. Prank? Fucking bad taste if it really was!

Update 5: Scotland Yard: Not a serious incident. *deleted*

Update 6: Argh...*deleted*...I am so pissed off! Just because of some pathetic bombs made by amateurish cunts!

Update 7: According to Tube Diary, the tube hasn't been shut down. Only the Hammersmith & City, Northern and Victoria Line.

Update 8: The police has cordoned off University College Hospital. Apparently one of the losers ran into the hospital.

Update 9: The mobile networks are coping well. Most in the office are on their mobiles so at least the network isn't jammed.

Update 10: Remember guys... these are all just rumours. I won't believe anything until I see it on the BBC, so you shouldn't too. *deleted*

Update 11: Met Police commissioner, Sir Ian Blair: four scenes of explosions/attempted explosions. Casualty numbers very low.

Update 12: Rumours of explosion inside University College Hospital.

Update 13: Tony Blair 3pm 3:15pm BST statement.

Update 14: Just heard off the radio, Ian Blair describing the situation as pretty serious.

Update 15 (14:52 BST): There is a liveblog going on at Europhobia. I love it when Nosemonkey describes that this attack would most 'likely to go down in history as the most half-arsed terrorist attack in history.' ROFL!

Update 16: BBC Radio Five Live here.

Update 17: *deleted*

Update 18: In other news: Malaysia unpegs the Ringgit. Many Malaysians keeping US dollars in banks loses money.

Update 19: Oi! They just shut down Shepherd's Bush and Uxbridge Road. Now I am angry. Where am I going to get me dinner?

Update 20: *deleted*

Update 21: I think I am going to get my late lunch now. I can't help it but posting being slightly chirpy. Today's event is no where near as serious as two Thursdays ago or anything Britain has experienced since 1998 when I first came to the UK.

Update 22: Where the hell is Tony Blair? Via the BBC a suspect package is being investigated on the number 37 bus to Peckham. The bus is off Putney Hill in St John's Avenue.

Update 23: Apparently a man has been arrested outside Downing Street and/or Ministry of Defence. Also there are reports of 'sour smell' on a couple of Tube stations. *deleted* Meanwhile the BBC is stating that this is a dummy hoax attack.

Update 24 (15:34 BST): According to Perfect, reporters are being told to turn off their cameras at Whitehall. A man has been arrested there and taken to Richmond House.

Update 25 (15:40 BST): Tony Blair is on the radio now. Should be on the telly too.

Update 26 (17:10 BST): Deleted irrelevant posts that may contribute to rumours.


Anonymous said...

These fucking bastards, will they ever quit!

Anonymous said...

When will people learnt that terrorists are not to be tolerated!


elb said...

I was caught in central London :(