Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Visit Kuala Lumpur pledge

I just got off the phone from my dad. He isn't too pleased with my blog - not because of privacy or anything religiously offensive - but because of my 'Do not visit KL' blurb. So to appease him (and the mighty government):

Visit Kuala Lumpur

Here is a short discription of KL (plagiarised from
Lonely Planet):
KL is an Asian tiger that roars (funny, I have not seen a tiger in Malaysia for years since the rumours that a three legged tiger is supposed to roam the jungles behind our home). The city has two million dwellers, has the world's (not now) tallest building and Chinatown (curiously I have not been to Chinatown KL). The city is modern with gleaming(?) skyscrapers but also retains much of the local colour that has been wiped out in other Asian boom-cities such as Singapore. Plenty of colonial buildings and a bustling Little India.
Seriously speaking, do visit KL. It is a nice little city and most of my British friends (Dave, Danny, Richard, Lawrence, Anne, Stuart) who has been there truly enjoyed the city and food.


Golf Addix said...

dont wori abt it. nothing much to say abt kl from me either. and there s nothing to brag abt it anyway. visitors are nowadays are cautioned with pick pockets , disturbed crowds and rude taxi drivers. not to mention july is the middle east visitors month. Even me a malaysian get nasty treatment fr a fellow malaysian hotel. so what is there to be proud abt KL. nothing really....

Jon said...

er...what is wrong with 'Middle East visitors'? Pick pockets etc, these are normal shit which happens in every city including London. I have been pick pocketed two or three times in Central London.

But from my short stay in KL during my holiday, yes I find Malaysians hasn't develope 'civilised' etiquette yet.

Jay said...

Your dad reads your blog? I cannot think of ANYONE I'd want reading my blog less.

Jay said...

Just re-read what I typed. Boy that was a bad sentence. But you know what I mean.

Jon said...

He does, because I stupidly bookmarked my blog URL on his notebook!