Thursday, July 7, 2005

London bombed

Ignore my pathetic attempt at dry humour on the previous post. If the latest report by The Guardian is correct then it seems that London transport system has been targeted by a couple of bombs.

Here is the Indie's take. My mobile phone network is a little jammed. Probably due to many frantic calls made by concerned Londoners.

This is London: People hurt after Tube power surge

BBC News: London explosions: your accounts

Update: This is my second close call. I was planning to return to London today actually and take the morning train to London Bridge via Thameslink. Lucky me. A few years ago our high street at Ealing Broadway got bombed by the Real IRA as well. I was about 200 yards away from the explosion.

Update 2: I received a text message from a mate of mine who was on the Central Line to Liverpool Street. His train pulled over at Bank and an announcement was made over the tannoy to evacuate the station.

Update 3: BBC London radio Don't panic!

Update 4: I don't see this is any of the Interweb coverage so I will update with the latest news on what might have gone wrong. Apparently many passangers who evacuated Kings Cross boarded a double decker bus which then subsequently exploded. I am not sure how true this is.

Update 5: The Met's Ian Blair just came on the radio with the following: There are a total of six explosions. Edgware Road, King's Cross, Liverpool Street, Russel Square, Aldgate East and Moorgate are all affected. All London buses has also been also been suspended. Stay where you are. Do not panic and do not speculate.

Update 6: I know I said not to speculate but BBC's Frank Gardner has been told by his Arab sources that the explosions are certaintly to be of Al-Qaeda's doing. Hmm... More anti-Arab, anti-immigrants and anti-Muslim outcry by the right wing tabloids then over the next few weeks. Who wants to bet "ID Cards" will be mentioned in the next few days?

Update 7: Travel news: All tube stations has been closed. All zone 1 buses has been suspended. Heathrow and Gatwick Express has been cancelled as are all trains inbound to London. All outbound trains has also been ditched. My mobile network is still clogged. I couldn't get hold of my grand aunt. I know she frequently travels to King's Cross. I hope she is fine.

Update 8: Tony Blair is on the radio now. He seems quite strained. A little too strained perhaps? He sounds like he was about to cry. Very Bush like. Anyway he confirms that this is a work of terrorists. IRA? Al-Qaeda? Not confirmed. I am finally getting loads of text messages in by concerned relatives and friends. Tfl has also sent out a text message warning passengers not to travel into London due to 'network emergency'.

Update 9: Someone advised not to use mobile phone. The spectrums are needed for emergency use. T-Mobile is up. My o2 network is completedly down (apart from SMS services).

Update 10: Ever since I gave my Ericsson T28m to my grand aunt and got her a prepaid sim card, I always have to tell her of (not really in that tone you would expect, she will kill me) for switching her mobile off! And now I couldn't text or call her. I couldn't get her at her home which meant she is probably out. And she switched her mobile off. It wasn't busy or jammed - just plain switched off! Argh....!

Update 11: Charles Clarke just came up with his usual banter on terrorism. Someone else (David Davis - Shadow Home Sec) is speaking up now and promising (ala US style) to stop attacks on "our way of life".

Here are a couple of live blogs:

Guardian Blog
The Yorkshire Ranter
Tube Diary
Metroblogging London
BBC Reporters' Log

Update 12: My aunt texted Jennifer. Not sure why she keeps texting her instead of me! But at least it does confirm that she is fine.

Update 13: Ken Livingstone is speaking now from Singapore. Very professional and strong words. His statement speak up on how much he loves London and why Londoners are great in this awesome city.

Update 14: Here I am minding my own business with my web browser tuned into BBC Radio London when this bitch calls out and told me to switch the radio off. She is composing an e-mail (she doesn't know what CC: means or does) and obviously do not want to be disturbed by potential emergency broadcast by the authorities, can you believe that? Christ. She has left now. Before she left she made a 2 minute statement on how her 'kind' has been supressed by 'white people'. I was left gobsmacked. Everyone was.

Update 15: A mate of mine who is working in Temple just texted. Her office has sent them home. In typical Brit fashion, they are all now in a pub - drinking.


Andreas said...

Good to know that you are ok. I just linked to the articles as well. Its a sad day, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I am opposite the Houses of Parliament and police bikes and vans are zooming past every 5 minutes.

This does not look good.

Jon said...

Andreas, thanks.

I just want my friends and family to know that I am not in central London today. The mobile network is very busy so don't call.

Don't panic.

Kat said...

Glad to know that you are all right.

Anonymous said...

that's a pretty sensationlist heading isn't it?

bound to get your site lots of hits.

Anonymous said...

Well what do you know. G8 starts today and it was concerned on the issue of environment and poverty and suddenly bam, bombs everywhere. Is it too much of a coincidence.

Jon said...

Hi Kat, thanks.

Anonymous1: Sorry if you thought that way. When I first heard the news I thought it was just a massive power surge and attempted to gloss some humour over it. When news came in that it was actually a bomb I did what was right. Out of being accused of being insensitive I retracted my previous post and did a new post with a proper headline.

Anonymous2: It could be that terrorists (if it is proved to be, let's not be hasty) has chosen to attack London because of the G8. Too much conspiracy theory can cause headache.



Nice description, I can relate, Well, most everything except the iPod bashing. I do secretly want one. I don't want to want one, but I want one, dammit!
It's a guilty want. Ugh!

Broken Verses said...

Have never been able to understand why in the world are people so hell bent on violence as way of expressing themselves and their beliefs.

And yes relating this to G8 seems a bit far fethced .. but am sure some awfully proud group will take ownership soon.

Jen said...

Just an update for anyone that currently living in Brighton: The Brighton station is closed at the moment (so does Swindon, i think) and there is a huge traffic jammed in the city centre at the moment.

I thought it does sounded strange when they say there was an explosion because of a power surge..

Brian said...

Well Tony Blair sure got his excuse on the Iraq war now. Safer?

Jen said...


Well other argument can also relate to: because of Blair gone for Iraq War, that's why we're experiencing this now..

Jon said...

Broken Verses, all violence are frowned upon including those done by 'good' countries like the US.

Brian, as much as I want to poke at Tony Blair (see update 8 - and yes I do believe if Britain did not go to war London would not be attacked), today may not be the time.

My thoughts are to those affected.

elb said...

peh, this all sucks. hopefully everyone is well.

Anonymous said...

Not many police outside my office in Victoria. Half of London's beats are probably in some sodden village in Scotland protecting Bush's ass.

Jen said...

Jon: your grand aunt is fine. she text me instead and ask 'where are you' she might probably try to reach you but couldn't get through so she text me instead. Had told her that we are fine.

Seems that all the mobile phone network in London must have been clogged up, used for emergency purposes. My o2 has been up and running now, not sure how the status will be in London area.

mei xian said...

seems that my grand aunt prefers jen to jon.. :)gOOd to hear that u guys are ok..

Jon said...

I just spoke with her and apparently she got Jen's number because I once borrowed Jennifer's SIM card.