Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pink PSP for only 99 quid

Amazon UK has a cheap pink Sony PSPon sale from the usual RRP of £150 down to £99 (including free shipping), making it effectively the same price as a standard DS Lite. That is what I call a bargain. I would even be tempted to get one but sadly I have overstretched my gaming budget so no PSP just yet.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Final Fantasy III figures

Remember Final Fantasy III? It is a great and old school game. Well, after playing it, why not have those chibi characters adorn your video game cabinet? Or you could scatter them around your consoles.

via GayGamer

Update: Play Asia's stock is now sold out, but you can get five of them (see below) from Tokyo Toys.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Video Game Impressions: Final Fantasy XII battle system

Vaan and Penelo was at Level-4 when I had them hunt a large wolf called the Wolf in the Waste. We were almost raped by the giant. Lucky for me Penelo was on Gambit, which allows her to automatically target and fight nearby enemies. I was busy using Vaan to heal instead and occasionally having him cast a wide variety of offensive Magick. Before long she (or he) was down and I was off to collect my 500 gils bounty. Then I went to the Clan Hall to gloat at Montblanc, the cheeky Clan Centurio head honcho who also happens to be a Moogle, while he showered me with gifts due to my updated clan status from Moppet to Hedge Knight. Nice. Hunts are basically side-quests but this is the only way one can increase the clan status (how very MMO).

Enemies now visibly roam the open land (or dungeons) so there are no longer any random encounters that jRPG-haters hate, no longer turn based (turns are still governed by an ATB like gauge similar to that of Final Fantasy VI), but thankfully still menu-based. If any enemies are nearby simply open the battle menu and select attack. The party will automatically attack the enemy of whom the party leader has selected. It is also possible for different party members to attack different enemies in the surrounding by navigating the d-pad and opening their individual battle menus, but I found this chaotic. I am looking forward to expanding the auto-party control system called Gambit once Yamoora's Gambits store opens and Gambit is available on the Party Menu.

The new system to obtaining new skills such as Magick or the abilities to don certain armour or weild new weapons are now governed by the License Board, which looks like a checkers/chess board, and is similar to Final Fantasy X's Sphere Grid. Basically each victory will yield License Points (LP) in addition to Experience Points (EXP) and loots (which have to be sold to obtain gils, the currency of Final Fantasy games). You can then trade in LP on the License Board to unlock new Licenses. I believe this is a balancing feature. If a party member obtains a powerful weapon early in the game he or she would not be able to use it until you unlock the particular License to use it on the License Board. In addition to Magick, the License Board is used to unlock Technicks (eg. steal) as well as permanent stat bonuses.

I have only been playing the game for 3 hours now but so far everything about the latest Final Fantasy numbered game is engrossing. The visual style is excellent and the graphical capability of the six year old PS2 console is pushed to the limit. The architecture of Rabanastre, the town Vaan lives in, is beautifully constructed. I can't wait to start exploring Ivalice. Sadly there isn't an option for enabling progressive scan, but the game does support widescreen in the PAL version. Game of the year candidate, surely.

Play the game now.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Final Fantasy XII PAL and Piggyback limited edition hardcover strategy guide

Well, Final Fantasy XII has just been released in Europe today.

With the local indie game store closed down and the nearest Gamestation some 4 miles away the only choice I had to getting Final Fantasy XII at launch was either at GAME or HMV, both not my first or second choice when it comes to gaming needs, but never mind. I still had this unused gift card. Plus Jenni was chipping in for the game itself through another gift card.

So it was off to GAME then. Along with collecting my pre-order Final Fantasy XII game, the friendly sales monkey offered a free crappy swag pack which contained a Final Fantasy XII double sided glossy poster (featuring renders of the protagonists including Balthier, Fran et al.) and a promotional business card size CD, as well as a "free" mini-guide (actually just an advert to Piggyback's Final Fantasy XII: The Complete Guide...

...which I also obtained):

This Piggyback Interactive Final Fantasy XII hardcover strategy guide is very pretty, but I rather have them releasing a limited edition version of the game like our buddies in North America and Japan got, but then again Square Enix hates Europe. The guide is pretty useful though. No more trawling through those ASCII maps at GameFAQs:

Character info:

Detailed bestiary:

Have only been playing with the new game for an hour. The license board is an interesting concept in obtaining new skills. So far I am finding myself loving the new open battle system and the visual style. Not sure about Vaan's voice acting though.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

50 quid PS2 consoles at Asda today

I hate posting news, least of all anything that has got to do with Asda, but this is simply too important to pass up on. Asda is today selling PAL slimline PS2 consoles for £50. Yep, fifty bloody quid. They normally retail for £80, so you will be saving at least £30.

This is just too cheap to ignore, and anyone who doesn't already own one or is thinking of replacing their massive launch PS2 units should get one. With a built-in LAN port and infrared receiver, the slimline version is about the size of two DVD case stacked. Sure the PS2 as a platform is a dying breed but it hasn't been abandoned yet like the Xbox or GameCube. There are still plenty of great titles that were just released (Okami, God Hand, Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2) and many more coming soon (God of War II, Final Fantasy XII and Rogue Galaxy).

If there was an Asda nearby me I would even buy one just so I can offload the old one to eBay.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Software Impressions: Access NetFront 3.4 Technical Preview

I have been trying out the new Technical Preview version of the upcoming Access NetFront 3.4 for roughly a week now. Really this has got to be one of the best damn browser on any portable platform. The good thing about 3.4 TP is it can co-exist with NetFront 3.3 (see here for my write up on 3.3 TP) on my device (WM5.0), so don't worry about switching between 3.3 and 3.4 TP, which is effectively a restrictive demo product.

Anyway 3.4 TP has some nifty features that will be implemented on the forthcoming NetFront 3.4 commercial release next month. New to 3.4 TP is the PagePilot feature which has a similar function to Symbian S60 3rd Edition's Mini Map, albeit in a very stripped down mode. Basically every time you press any of the vertical D-pad buttons, the browser will zoom out giving you a full view of the website you are visiting. Move the cursor up or down and after a moment or two the browser will zoom back in to the cursor's current position.

PagePilot in action

The rendering quality of Access NetFront 3.3 was never a problem and judging by my informal testing, nothing has change in the way NetFront renders common websites. Even my blog, which template I messed up pretty badly in order to get that damn header up, rendered properly with all its Google and Amazon ads glory. There is a notable significant improvement in terms of performance. With the cache set to the storage card (Sandisk SD), 3.4 TP loaded and rendered my blog site quite a bit faster than 3.3 did.

Navigating GAF's legendary threads on the go made easy

NetFront is an essential purchase for owners of web enabled Windows Mobile device, especially those with VGA devices. The default crap that Microsoft calls Pocket IE doesn't cut it if you even remotely want to go on the web. There are of course other products such as Opera Mobile, I found that it wouldn't allow a full web browsing experience (newer builds maybe better but I haven't tried it yet). Don't even talk about Minimo. Like Firefox, Minimo is a bloated software. However, unlike its desktop cousin, the performance is pathetic and the rendering is near hopeless.

I don't believe him either

Whatever you try, I don't recommend purchasing Netfront 3.3 as Access rarely (if ever, that I know of) allows end users to upgrade on their dot commercial releases. NetFront 3.3 users who don't need the new features would probably want to wait for the next version 3.5. But based on the improvements I have seen on NetFront 3.4 Technical Preview, and the fact that the 3.4 release will support AJAX and embedded document viewer, I think it would be worth the entry fee.

Two more days to go...two more days to go...

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Ema Skye in Gyakuten Saiban 4

There are GS fans out there who did not want to believe that the bonus case from Gyakuten Saiban: Yomigaeru Gyakuten (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) was canonical material. Well it is. Here is the proof. Sweet Ema Skye who appeared in the bonus case is now all grown up and will appear in GS4. Now a detective, her inclusion in Gyakuten Saiban 4 will indicate that the GS (Ace Attorney) series will expand to include more interactive detective stuff rather than just the usual court logic debate. Yay.

You see, lawyers do not know shit when it comes to crime scene investigations, which is why the inclusion of Ema Skye (Akane Houzuki) in GS4 is very important. In the first three Gyakuten Saiban games, there is very little to do during the investigations apart from tapping on objects, figuring out logic and chatting with tons of people. But for the bonus case (Rises from the Ashes) in the DS remake of the first GS, Capcom decided to experiment with the new features of the DS a little bit to see whether any new gameplay can be gained when moving the series (starting with GS4) to the new platform. Enter Ema Skye, whose detective skills gave us more things to do, like blowing into the mic to reveal fingerprints (the gameplay will return in GS4 as indicated in the screenshot below) and looking for blood stains.

More screenshots here and here (source: Court Records)

Muse to headline Isle of Wight Festival 2007

Not sure if I want to throw down £125 just to see Muse, but whatever. Tickets goes on sale on the 22nd and your £125 will get you a 3-days weekend camping pass for the 8th-10th June summer festival down in Newport.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pictures of revellers celebrating Chinese New Year in London

According to Chinese folk lore one must not wash their hair during the first day of Chinese New Year. Which is nothing I would do, but to each his own, I guess. Regardless have a happy new year.

Some pictures from London today when we decided to be tourists for the day (after shopping at Covent Garden naturally):

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Final Fantasy VI Advance review

Ah, my special Valentine's Day post is complete and it is a review of Final Fantasy VI Advance, the perfect gaming companion for any gender. Warning: contains massive amount of spoilers as it is written with the assumption that the reader has played a Final Fantasy VI game.


Final Fantasy VI, in my opinion, is without doubt the best Final Fantasy game ever created (bar Final Fantasy XII which will be released here in less than two weeks), and it has finally gone portable. So this review will have bias written all over it. Thankfully I have restrained myself from dissing other more popular Final Fantasy titles.

Booting up Final Fantasy VI Advance even gave me goose bumps. I am so goddamn busy I have hardly the time to play games, which is why being portable sweetens the deal. Watching Kefka clowns around, while standing uncomfortably in the Underground is way better than watching commuters fidgeting with their latest iPods trying to show them off. Then there is Celes' performance at the Opera and Cyan's Ghost train scenario...

When it comes to Final Fantasy VI, gameplay takes a back seat for an epic story (which in my opinion is the best since Final Fantasy IV). The plot revolves around a resistant group known as the Returners and their battle against the Empire. It takes place a thousand years after the War of the Magi. Since the war ended, magic has ceased to exist in the world, which now resembles Europe during the industrial revolution, until Emperor Gestahl decided to harvest magic from Espers for use in a hybrid weapon known as Magitek.

Though there are plenty of playable characters (most of which has large amount of fascinating history and character development), each of which is unique in their own right, none of them are in any way lead characters. You are free to select your own parties, though at times you are required to have certain characters in the party in order to proceed. Even though the game is still fairly linear, back-story narrative are added based on which characters are in your party, thus increasing the replay value of the game. One example is during the return trip to Figaro Castle, if you have both Sabin and Edgar in the party you will be able to witness a flashback concerning Sabin's abdication from the throne.

Final Fantasy veterans will note that there isn't any job system to play around, which is a shame, but not a total lost as there are still tons of customisation to be had. Job levels, as in Final Fantasy IV, are tied to each individual characters. As with every traditional Japanese RPGs, combat will yield experience points and character statistics increases with every leveling.

Apart from a few instances, enemies are randomly encountered on the field map. The familiar Active Time Battle turn based and menu driven combat system, introduced in Final Fantasy IV, returns. However unlike Final Fantasy III and V, getting through is dead easy and requires no prior strategising, as long as you continue taking time off to grind, and not ignore critical healing moments.

The port/remake isn't without its problems though. Battles can occasionally slowdown if sprites crowd the screen, and if certain offensive magic is used. It is a minor concern and for most part the game is speedy enough to enjoy. The 16-bit re-mixed soundtrack isn't as sharp as it was on the SNES/Super Famicom (it contains a very unique Ken Kutaragi designed Sony sound-chip), but this is hardly a surprise.

Then there is the usage of the tilted Mode 7. Walking on the overworld is bearable as the map is only slightly tilted but navigating on the chocobo or airship is almost nigh impossible, especially if compared to the 2D fieldmap. Navigating the overworld with Mode 7 may seem revolutionary 12 years ago, but it looks awful now. Fake 3D is also used in an escape scene from the Magitek Research Facility in Vector, and the result was a truly horrifying showcase of terrible visuals.

Whilst it is clear that the GBA is no match for the SNES superior hardware, for most part they did an excellent job porting the game for the GBA platform. Despite the lower resolution of the platform, this port features excellent visuals and detailed sprite animations, similar to the Super Nintendo games. Memorable animations such as Kefka's comical laugh remains visually appealing.

I have already blogged about my impression on the new translation. Whether purist will like it or not, I still think the new 'modern' script is wonderful. Sure there are already complaints about the 'dialogue being toned down' as well as some the more graphical violent scene being ‘censored’. While some purist might basked in their SNES superiority, the rest of us should be grateful that Square Enix even bothered with a new translation, one that apparently follows the original Super Famicom version more closely.

Update: I just tried summoning Siren and she is still all 'dressed-up'. As I mentioned before, this isn't a huge concern, but damnit Nintendo of America/Square-Enix USA, you are just so prude! I wonder if Square-Enix Europe will re-instate the esper's exposed arse, if they even bother releasing it over here. Still plenty of sexual content here.
Bushido in the Bedroom!

Also included in the game is the bestiary, where you can check out the stats of enemies that you have defeated. This is ideal for completist and may prove useful for treasure hunters as well. There is also a music player that is available once the game is completed. As I mentioned above the sound quality does not match up to the original game – but regardless it is still a nice touch, as I am sure many of you would agree that Final Fantasy VI was one of Nobou Uematsu’s finest project.

The Game Boy Advance hardware has been abandoned by many but for the rest of us this port is the perfect end to the GBA's lifespan. The GBA shares many similarities with the SNES's (including housing many old school RPG titles), so it just seems fitting that one of the greatest games of all time to grace the SNES should give the GBA a proper farewell. Apart from the hit in the sound quality department, this is the definitive version to own. Do not give this a miss.


Buy now from Play-Asia or Amazon UK

Thursday, February 15, 2007

"I own a Mac, I am better than you"

What is it with companies today that love to insult potential future customers? Microsoft is doing that with the WHATSWRONGWITHU.com website, regarding the low sales of Xbox 360 in Asia (somehow it is our fault for the low sales). Look it is great that the 360 is doing so well in the UK and North America, but not everyone likes shooter or another racer. I personally love shooters but I can't stand them on consoles (nope, not even Goldeneye 007 which is easily the single more overrated game of all time). Give us a reason to own one, not by insulting us - but by developing games to suit everyone.

Then there is Apple, whose current 'Get a Mac' ad campaign just started here a few weeks ago. Like the American ads, PC users are shown as ugly, tie-wearing, nerdy, hopeless people and Mac users are shown as young, hip, and dressed in expensive casual designers garbs, who spends the majority of more time preaching on how good their Macs are, than actually using it. Owning a Mac (or Ipod) automatically change your lifestyle, if Steve Jobs would have you believe. It is fine by me if you want to worship your Mac but please stop acting like the typical evangelical Christians.

In Apple's defence they did hire Robert Webb to play as the Mac guy. Webb, for those who doesn't live in the UK, is famous for playing a smug, unlikeable and pretentious tosser in my favourite telly comedy Peep Show. I guess Apple is implying that Mac users are smug, unlikeable and pretentious poseurs. How fitting.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Daewoo DS700 digital TV receiver mini-review

With our Sagem digital telly receiver recently dying on us, we sought out for a replacement unit. Fortunately a kind man decided to donate his Daewoo DS700 machine to us because he is unable to receive DVB-H signals from his area.

The DS700 is slightly larger and boxier looking than the dead Sagem. Booting it up is quick and it took us no time to setup the system. The unbranded remote is easy to use and well labelled. We did not get a manual for the receiver but it was intuitive to use. The DS700 can download 7 days worth of EPG from the airwaves. The remote allows us to switch from wide 16:9 to 4:3 screen on the fly. Similarly with subtitles. A particularly useful button is the 'swap' button that allows us to quickly swap between two channels.

All in all we are happy with the DS700. It just works.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Video Game Impressions: Final Fantasy VI Advance translation

Been playing Final Fantasy VI Advance for roughly a day now. I will risk getting flamed by Final Fantasy VI fanboys and purists by stating this, so far I am loving the new translation. I never thought that there was anything wrong with the SNES translation (Final Fantasy III SNES), but I feel that the new translation is better. Sure it may not follow the original Japanese Super Famicom version (though rumour is that it does), but neither did the SNES version. I love that the characters has better personalities, rather than the previous more gung-ho attitudes, but I wouldn't complain either if they stuck in the SNES translation.

Some, like Siliconera, has accused Square-Enix of self-censoring the game. But to me is about reimagining the game. It is after all called Final Fantasy VI Advance, not Final Fantasy VI (SNES literal version). There is nothing wrong in calling out rudeness rather than threatening to rip out lungs, which would come out as someone who is concerned over this ego than anything else. At any rate, I personally like the new translation, but hei, if you don't then go learn Japanese and play the Super Famicom game.

Update: It appears that the Final Fantasy VI Advance English translation follows the original Super Famicom version much closer to the original than the Ted Woolsey Final Fantasy III SNES translation. I can't confirm since I do not read kanji, but if true then the accusation of self-censorship on Square-Enix part seems quite harsh and rather ironic. One example is the scene where Celes was being beaten up by Imperial Guards weren't in the original Super Famicom game, but were added to the SNES version. As I have played through the Locke scenario I can confirm that the the GBA remake has removed the added scene. For better or worse it appears that non-Japanese speaking gamers can finally experience Final Fantasy VI closer to what the developers has intended.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Death Note

A mate of mine introduced me to a manga series called Death Note. Apparently it has been taking the world by storm. Even my young sister is into it religiously. After reading the first volume I have to agree, there has been nothing like this before (at least not the books that I have read). The style of the drawing reminds me of those "hell vs heaven" mangas I read when I was in Malaysia (can't remember the author or name of the manga unfortunately). It is also intelligently written. Check it out.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Final Fantasy month

With Final Fantasy VI Advance (GBA) just gettin a release in North America and the PAL version of Final Fantasy XII (PS2) being released soon over here, I thought I would change the header a little bit. The above header is a combat scene from the Final Fantasy VI remake. Nice huh? Until I can find a better one (probably with a comical Kefka in it) it would stay there for quite some time. I am just too busy to boot up an emulator with a copy of the original SNES ROM just to get a direct-feed screengrab.

Square-Enix is lying when they say that this is only for the GBA. Expect a remake on future platforms.

Since GBA games and systems are region free it makes sense to import the game as Square-Enix Europe has yet to announce a date for a European release. It will be much cheaper too. Anyone thinking of getting Final Fantasy XII should get it from Shopto.net. At £26, you get to save 35% off the retail price, which isn't too bad.

Steve Jobs says DRM is wrong...

I say fix your bloody software first. Christ, isn't Itunes one of the largest music based stores that sells DRM'ed low quality audio files? Get your house in order first before lecturing others with your reality distortion spin.

Didn't France proposed a law last year that companies like Apple must allow interoperability within different players? Did anyone remember what Apple replied? I did. Apple effectively accused France's proposal to allow people to break DRM as 'state-sponsored piracy'. I seem to also remember RealNetwork's attempt to break Apple's Fairplay protection, which was greeted with scornful faces by Apple, Inc. and their fanboys who wanted to protect the Itunes-Ipod monopoly.

Not that I care though (since I do not use either), but imagine consumers being told that their legally purchased music cannot be used on another player. DRM is bad as far as music distribution goes. People will either continue purchasing CDs (which are dirt cheap now, even cheaper than buying lower quality audio date through Itunes) or pirating them.

via BBC

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Monday, February 5, 2007

Duck tongue

Yesterday we had dim sum in a Chinese restaurant with a couple of Jenni's colleagues and mates. To keep a short story shorter I will get straight to the gist of this post. Someone had the cheek to order a dish of duck tongues. Not even Jennifer, an expert of eating weird stuff (like frogs, chicken feet and sea cucumber) would dare touch it.

Anyway I had me a little nibble, if only to serve as warning to future dum sum-goers. The tongues, served in black bean sauce (I believe), have bones in them. It isn't as disgusting as I thought it would be. It certainly was edible (if you really have no choice) but due to the weird texture and the fact that it felt more tasteless rubbery chicken, I decided to stop after two tongues. Not something I would order voluntarily, and neither should you!

At least we had fun with Brain Age after the massive meal.

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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Pictures of dirty bikes

We went mountaing biking today on the South Downs Way. Weather was simply stunning with the sun out the whole time and not a single speck of cloud in the way. Did roughly 22 miles, about 12 miles which were off-road. Elevation data as provided by Memory Map.

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Film Review: DOA: Dead or Alive

I watched DOA: Dead or Alive DVD last night. Do not worry, I got it through my 3 month trial of LoveFilm, so no money went to the film-makers, at least I hope not. Anyway, I would stop short of naming this the worst film I have ever seen in recent times (that honour goes to Casino Royale, Fearless and Borat).

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball makes a cameo appearance

I knew it was going to be an awful film so I lowered my expectations to that of crapfest like Jason X. I even rented it specifically so I could see how bad it was and blog about how bad it was (I am that sad, but just so you know I am also renting the fantastic Little Miss Sunshine). It's also an excellent excuse not to blog about a Christian mate of mine whose embarrassing performance of trying to proof how 'holy' and 'innocent' his religion is and how literal the bible is, while trying to discredit my (lack-of) beliefs and other religions (e.g. Muslims are terrorists); deserves cyber lynching (but I am nice and he is a friend after all).

Ayane and Kasumi squares off. With the purple hair the film-makers almost had us believing she is actually Ayane until you realised that Ayane is supposed to be Japanese.

Sorry I digress. Truth is Holly Valance is in this, and despite her fake British accent, she is still the hot babe she was when she left Neighbors and released that music video. DOA: Dead or Alive, however, is so crappy it has a knack of making film adaptations of other video-games franchise, such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Resident Evil: Apocalypse, worthy of Oscar recognition.

Sadly with clever editing you don't really get to see much.

Seriously though unlike most other crappy films (like the one I mentioned in the first paragraph), at least DOA: Dead or Alive does not even come close to pretending or trying to be good/clever. It is as if the film-makers set out to deliver an extremely corny and cheesy film (which director Corey Yuen seems capable of, as evident of his other chick martial art flick So Close indicates), and they succeeded brilliantly. I give this film two years for it to achieve legendary cult status on par of Showgirls. DOA: Dead or Alive is the ultimate switch off your brain and enjoy the fight scenes (which are pretty good). It's like plugging an actual Dead or Alive 2 game onto your Dreamcast and enjoying kicking your friend's arse. It may lack a Tolkien-like plot, but it is equally as fun.

Hollywood should release more films with exploding Buddha heads. Really.

The plot is simple enough. A number of hotties are invited to an island to join a tournament called DOA. They are required to fight each other in matches, with the winner progressing to the next round. Sadly not Battle Royale 'to the death' style. Eric Roberts, you know Julia Roberts brother (whose okay performance in ABC's comedy Less Than Perfect dampens the whole evil guy persona) stars as DOA's creator, whose motives is questioned by the stellar cast of sexy fighters.

A miscasted Devon Aoki as an expression-less Kasumi.

They (the film-makers) did mess up by deviating wildly from the games, so anybody who treats this film as canonical material is a moron. I will discuss some of said deviation here. For example, one obvious and frankly stupid flaw was the miscasting of Natassia Malthe as Ayane (who is supposed to be Japanese), half-sister to Hayate in the game series. In the film Hayate is the love interest of Ayane, which would make DOA: Dead or Alive one of the very few mainstream films to condone inter-family sex.

Insert bad-taste butt-related joke here.

Another flaw (although feminists may disagree) is the film auteurs decision to, how can I say it politely, disregard the 'breasts physics' as laid down by series creator Tomonobu Itagaki since Dead or Alive 2, and more recently in Dead or Alive Xtreme 2. A live action film, based on a series which (partly) gained notoriety for its boob engines, with less 'realistic' bounces; surely not? The expression-less and flat chested Devon Aoki looks awfully out of place as Kasumi, especially in the volleyball scene. This is probably a critique on the game series anyway as Itagaki (good luck with the sexual harassment lawsuit) should spend more time worrying about the actual fighting mechanism than whether boobs are meant to bounce independently! But I digress again. While opponents in the film are still scantily clad, the filmmakers seems to prefer focusing on their female hero peachy bums more than anything else, which is fine by me. ;)

DOA: Dead or Alive is filled with martial art cliches, such as this.

Anyway I thought I would let you guys suffer/enjoy by uploading tons of screengrabs from the DVD, you know, to kill your 56k modems. At any rate, the DVD transfer seems to be of a good quality. It may be a bad movie, but DOA: Dead or Alive is actually a fun and entertaining film for Friday night switch-offs.

Urr...What!?? WTF???!

Itagaki's Dead or Alive 10, coming soon on Xbox 720.

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