Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Final Fantasy month

With Final Fantasy VI Advance (GBA) just gettin a release in North America and the PAL version of Final Fantasy XII (PS2) being released soon over here, I thought I would change the header a little bit. The above header is a combat scene from the Final Fantasy VI remake. Nice huh? Until I can find a better one (probably with a comical Kefka in it) it would stay there for quite some time. I am just too busy to boot up an emulator with a copy of the original SNES ROM just to get a direct-feed screengrab.

Square-Enix is lying when they say that this is only for the GBA. Expect a remake on future platforms.

Since GBA games and systems are region free it makes sense to import the game as Square-Enix Europe has yet to announce a date for a European release. It will be much cheaper too. Anyone thinking of getting Final Fantasy XII should get it from At £26, you get to save 35% off the retail price, which isn't too bad.


RichardAM said...

I was going to be pre-ordering FFXII but I recently got Dragon Quest for the PS2 and i'm totally engrossed in that. I bought Shadow of the Colossus too and I haven't even booted it up yet, and continuing the RPG theme, i've still got hundreds of hours left in Oblivion.

If only I had the time, eh?

Jon said...

DQ VIII is highly addictive and I recommend you give SotC a go asap. It is pretty short though.