Monday, February 19, 2007

Ema Skye in Gyakuten Saiban 4

There are GS fans out there who did not want to believe that the bonus case from Gyakuten Saiban: Yomigaeru Gyakuten (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) was canonical material. Well it is. Here is the proof. Sweet Ema Skye who appeared in the bonus case is now all grown up and will appear in GS4. Now a detective, her inclusion in Gyakuten Saiban 4 will indicate that the GS (Ace Attorney) series will expand to include more interactive detective stuff rather than just the usual court logic debate. Yay.

You see, lawyers do not know shit when it comes to crime scene investigations, which is why the inclusion of Ema Skye (Akane Houzuki) in GS4 is very important. In the first three Gyakuten Saiban games, there is very little to do during the investigations apart from tapping on objects, figuring out logic and chatting with tons of people. But for the bonus case (Rises from the Ashes) in the DS remake of the first GS, Capcom decided to experiment with the new features of the DS a little bit to see whether any new gameplay can be gained when moving the series (starting with GS4) to the new platform. Enter Ema Skye, whose detective skills gave us more things to do, like blowing into the mic to reveal fingerprints (the gameplay will return in GS4 as indicated in the screenshot below) and looking for blood stains.

More screenshots here and here (source: Court Records)

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Anonymous said...

If anyone is curious, Ema will be 25 during GS4. She was 16 in GS1 and GS4 takes place 7 years after GS3 (which took place two years after GS1).