Monday, February 12, 2007

Video Game Impressions: Final Fantasy VI Advance translation

Been playing Final Fantasy VI Advance for roughly a day now. I will risk getting flamed by Final Fantasy VI fanboys and purists by stating this, so far I am loving the new translation. I never thought that there was anything wrong with the SNES translation (Final Fantasy III SNES), but I feel that the new translation is better. Sure it may not follow the original Japanese Super Famicom version (though rumour is that it does), but neither did the SNES version. I love that the characters has better personalities, rather than the previous more gung-ho attitudes, but I wouldn't complain either if they stuck in the SNES translation.

Some, like Siliconera, has accused Square-Enix of self-censoring the game. But to me is about reimagining the game. It is after all called Final Fantasy VI Advance, not Final Fantasy VI (SNES literal version). There is nothing wrong in calling out rudeness rather than threatening to rip out lungs, which would come out as someone who is concerned over this ego than anything else. At any rate, I personally like the new translation, but hei, if you don't then go learn Japanese and play the Super Famicom game.

Update: It appears that the Final Fantasy VI Advance English translation follows the original Super Famicom version much closer to the original than the Ted Woolsey Final Fantasy III SNES translation. I can't confirm since I do not read kanji, but if true then the accusation of self-censorship on Square-Enix part seems quite harsh and rather ironic. One example is the scene where Celes was being beaten up by Imperial Guards weren't in the original Super Famicom game, but were added to the SNES version. As I have played through the Locke scenario I can confirm that the the GBA remake has removed the added scene. For better or worse it appears that non-Japanese speaking gamers can finally experience Final Fantasy VI closer to what the developers has intended.

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Anonymous said...

That screenshot of Kefka's maniacal laugh makes me want to play this game all over again. Truly one of the greatest and most evil villain of all time.