Thursday, February 1, 2007

The New York Times crosswords on Nintendo DS

I grew bored with Brain Age after about 2 months of repetitive and voluntary maths (it's still a great game when I am time-wasting). I have no idea how those geezers in Japan can continue with it daily, but I digress. At any rate, Majesco's recent announcement that they would be releasing a game based on The New York Times crosswords on the DS platform, makes me glee with joy. I can't wait. Here's hoping that one of the quality papers in the UK releases a British style crossword game.

Copied & pasted from their press release:
The New York Times Crosswords features more than 1,000 real crossword puzzles and the unique ability to write in answers with the stylus or use a Touch Screen keyboard to enter letters. Various modes of play include Puzzle Me Quick for a fast word fix; Puzzle Week for extended play with progressive difficulty; or Challenge mode with adjustable time and difficulty settings. In addition, the game includes both cooperative and competitive 2-player play so puzzle fanatics can work together or face off in wireless challenges.
Even if it is American based, it beats playing Sudoku.

Via 4CR

Pocket PC owners may want to check out Crossword Puzzles.

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