Monday, February 5, 2007

Duck tongue

Yesterday we had dim sum in a Chinese restaurant with a couple of Jenni's colleagues and mates. To keep a short story shorter I will get straight to the gist of this post. Someone had the cheek to order a dish of duck tongues. Not even Jennifer, an expert of eating weird stuff (like frogs, chicken feet and sea cucumber) would dare touch it.

Anyway I had me a little nibble, if only to serve as warning to future dum sum-goers. The tongues, served in black bean sauce (I believe), have bones in them. It isn't as disgusting as I thought it would be. It certainly was edible (if you really have no choice) but due to the weird texture and the fact that it felt more tasteless rubbery chicken, I decided to stop after two tongues. Not something I would order voluntarily, and neither should you!

At least we had fun with Brain Age after the massive meal.

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Anonymous said...

Actually I really like it.... Hot chickens feet are also ok, but I struggle a bit with the cold boneless chickens feet!

I guess I've been quite well trained though, having being sat on a table full of Chinese people who take great delight in putting the most challenging things in my bowl and closely watching me eat them!!!

Anonymous said...


itz rude to multi ping on PPS
not like u will get 50% more readers by doing so

Jon said...
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Jon said...

@Tony, lol. No way would I ever touch chicken feet. Not in my life.

@Anon, Sorry, my bad. I posted the ping while using Opera (I know, I know what a crappy browser) and only pressed once. No idea how it ping'ed it thrice. I've already e-mailed the PPS guy (whatever his name is) and asked him to delete the excess pings.

Epay said...

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