Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hi, my brain age is...

Not bad - after three days. My brain was rotting old when I first started 'training my brain' three days ago when Professor Kawashima's disembodied head announced that my brain age was 65. 37 isn't that good but is a substantial improvement. Maths can be fun.

Read more about Brain Age (Brain Training in Japan and the UK) here.

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RichardAM said...

If I wasnt so engrossed in AC:WW i'd go out and buy it straight away.

It's on my list though, some kind person might get it for my birthday!

Lee said...

Innovative software like this is great for the Nintendo DS.

I'll be purchasing it (after getting Animal World).

McCoy said...

Cool. I would sure love to get this. But I have to get the DS Lite and New Mario first.

Did you know that Europe will be getting black and white Lites?

Jon said...

@Richardam, funny you should mention getting it on your birthday. We just ordered one for a mate's birthday!

@Lee, true and I hope more of these kind of softwares would be released. (It's Animal Crossing BTW)

@Mccoy, I read that this morning. While it is great Europe is getting two colours, I believed white and black (and grey) are the most generic and overused colours in portable electronics.

Good news for me though, as this sorts of justified our decision to import the enamel navy version.