Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Local elections, Rooney debacle and Oxford Street preacher

Local elections is tomorrow (7am - 10pm). I am pretty peeved by British politics right now. There is virtually no difference between the three main parties. Many of their policies are virtually identical and do not play well with me at least and Lib Dem has gone downhill since last year's general election.

Local issues should be a priority of course and in my town it is the proposed West London tram system that has so far dominated local politics. Still, I can imagine that I probably would not turn up tomorrow - what with my stupid flu which has yet to cure itself! I could vote Green, but seriously, apart from the environment, what are their other policies?


Reading the back pages of dailies today only reveal the farcical that is of England footie and its current obsession with a lad called Wayne Rooney.

I wonder how many of the players feel that the media and football pundits has effectively written them off if Shrek didn't play. Isn't football team based? He may be good, but he isn't Pele or Maradona. You just can't create a team around one guy. This is why England will never win the World Cup this year. Everybody is just too hung up over the ogre.

It is a pathetic sight and boy am I glad that Mr. Eriksson will leave this summer. My knowledge on football strategy is limited to SI's CM3 but I do know that any competent manager wouldn't risk bringing an injured player to a tournie.


You remember Philip Howard? Well he was in the news today. Apparently Westminster council is planning to evict him. The Oxford Street preacher is a well known figure in West End and Oxford Street would just be dull without him, so I beg the council not to get rid of him, no matter how ridiculous his preaching is.

Also just two weeks ago another preacher (a woman) has emerged on Oxford Circus preaching with the same style ("Don't be a sinner, be a winner") as Philip Howard. Has Oxford Street preacher finally found himself a partner? What a sinner.

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