Tuesday, May 23, 2006


A Malaysian Muslim blogger has posted a questionable and unfavourable article in regards to Christianity in Malaysia. In retaliation, another blogger wrote a damning response, which was rather good.

In a perfect world we would just leave it at there and nobody would bother. Unfortunately much of Malaysia's Christian blogosphere (well those who resides on PPS anyway) decided to participate in this virtual melee of sorts, by trading childish insults. Some has even threatened to bring the attention to the police! I cringe at your mentality.

All this and what do I think? Well I have always been in the position to question religion in general and whether it is relevant in this modern world. In the UK where political correctness is fast becoming a fact of life, criticising someone could easily land you in front of a judge. It is fortunate that judges here are still sound minded.

This whole issue reminds me of why the British government's attempt to pass the Racial & Religious Hatred Bill was wrong. Where if it weren't for the upper house and Labour rebels, the bill could have made it illegal for people like me to criticise certain organized religions and their fanatical supporters.

The other problem with the bill is that it doesn't attempt to protect people like me, who isn't bound by religion, from organised religions whereas people with religion are protected. Like the Catholic Church needs more protection.

I don't hate religion, and I certainly have respect for whatever people chose to believe in, but I do find it annoying to be told that I will burn in hell if I do not believe in certain Gods or Messiah or books or whatever. I may not be gay but I resent the fact the certain religions could even come up with some draconian explanation to force their approved sexuality upon the world.

Yes, protest all you want. Da Vinci Code. Jerry Springer Opera. Danish newspapers. David Irving. Birmingham's Behzti. Playboy. Just don't drag the rest of us (the majority) into your rather mindless escapade. Because even if their views are wrong, it is equally wrong to deny them their right to speak up.

I always thought that blogs are the Interweb replacement to much controlled Speakers' Corner, and should never be regulated, and if so, should be minimal as far as the law would allow it to be. So I would like to thank in advance to the idiots who wanted to bring the blogger in question to the attention of the police. Thanks to you, perhaps one day Malaysia will introduce a bill that would require Malaysian bloggers to be registered - much like in China.

Debates such as those of religion would only be limited to small and harmless academic critiques rather than the full blown insults that it probably deserves.

Bigots, whether they be Christians or Muslims, Jewish or Hindus, should always be allowed to be speak up as long as violence isn't involved. It is up to you to then debate with them rationally.

Blog if you want but to sink to their level by attempting to ban their thoughts by contacting their host or by trying to get them arrested? That is low. Even for you ultra religious people. It boggles the mind that such irrational fears still exists.

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Anonymous said...

that is a very good point, i fully agree with you, damn the stupid blogger who wants to bring this matter up to the authorities

Jon said...

Well I'm sorry for getting on your nerve. But if the same set of choices were in front of me again, I would've have chosen what I have done.

Mind you, it was less extreme than going to the PDRM, PM etc...

T-Boy said...

Wow, I've been out of the loop.

So... religionwank. Da Vinci Code, I presume?

Jon said...

@T-Boy. No. MENJ

@Jon. Still it would mean deleting his opinions. Sort of like book burning don't you think?

@Anon. Thanks.