Monday, May 8, 2006

Brimming with anticipation

5.30pm BST Tuesday Nintendo E3 press conference. Coverage at The Guardian and various gaming sites (eg. Eurogamer). The secrets will finally be revealed tomorrow. Then another five months of waiting for the hardware to roll out.

Thursday while commuting on the Tube, I sighted the first DS Lite in the wild (apart from my own). Glad to see people are finally gaming on the go. Of course I also saw three Sony PSPs (two who boarded at White City - BBC employees are Sony fanboys!). However both of them doesn't even come close to the number of Gameboy Advance SP I have seen in the wild (an idiot was playing Zelda Minish Cap with the maximum volume yesterday on the bus).

I am also happy to see single-format Animal Crossing: Wild World continue being in the top 10 multi-format UK chart beating cross-format games such as The Godfather and the utterly fantastic Oblivion. It is apparently number one in the French multi-format console chart as well. It's almost like an exact replica of a Japanese gaming chart. DS and PS2. Not surprising as Jennifer's French colleague recently purchased AC:WW and is totally engrossed by it.

And now that Metroid Prime Hunters is out in Europe, don't forget to add my friend code (and e-mail me yours) if you want to meet up online. I also checked out my mate's UK version and compared to the US box. I can conclude that while NoE is happy to charge UK consumers more, they are also happy at skimming on the quality of the printed cover. The shiny boxart of the US version (that changes hue when you turn it) is replaced by a third rated pseudo version that smudges. Ugh.

In other news, just when you thought that summer has finally arrived, clouds starts to pour in and decides to piss rain on you. Final proof that global warming isn't exactly working (its charge to bringing Mediterranean style weather here) and the patented British weather is here to stay. For now.

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Groucho said...

Hi I came across your blog from Technorati. I just got the DS Lite too. It is wonderful.

RichardAM said...

E3 is going to be awesome this year! More concrete information on nintendo's latest, a possible chance of the PS3 being playable, and also, a chance to see what all Microsoft have lined up for the future other than a certain four-lettered FPS.

And yeah, Animal Crossing, WFC, it really seems to be taking off in the UK! :)

Jon said...

So far Sony's E3 press conference has been sorely lacking and really really farcical. I'm sure Miyamoto is sitting somewhere near a telly watching the whole nonsense with his trademark grin.

I am off to bed now but will check the news tomorrow on Sony's suicide attempt.