Saturday, February 11, 2006

Animal Crossing: Wild World review

Hi my name is Burly. Roughly two months ago I moved into a village called 'Luntun' and this blog entry details my experience there. Thanks to Jon for letting me guest post here.

Luntun is a weird place. I arrived there being driven by a Kappa called Kapp'n. He asked me some weird questions that includes my name and whether I was broke or not. Immediatedly I was given some kind of rare power as I was able to name the village I live in. Many of my Chinese friends who lived in my previous dwelling known as London always mispronounced it as 'Luntun', so that was that and the rest was history!

Upon arriving and checking out my new home, I was met by a raccoon by the name of Tom Nook! Nook is an estate agent who prepared the little rut I live in. Immediately Nook slapped me with a 19,800 bells worth of 'fee'! Nook also owns the only store in town and calls it Nook's Cranny. He offered me a job there straight away. I felt so important.

Within an hour, Nook decided to fire me! I wasn't doing a bad job or anything. He told me to write a letter to Bill and I did. In it I cussed the wretched duck and Nook seemed happy with it. He also did not pay me any bells and instead deducted them from my mortgage! I was quite pissed. But I let it go when I found out that I could shake trees down and sell the apples for 100 bells each. Then I went exploring a bit.

I found that there were three other residents in the village. The first I met was Bill. This duck also happens to be an annoying jock who can't stop showing off his pecs. The bastard. Then there was another jock called Drift. Equally as annoying as Bill, Drift is a frog whose catchphrase was 'brah'. He loves to complain about my lack of attitude to exercising. Last but not least was Roscoe, a cranky horse who hates everyone here (except me). He has a sinister motive in this little town which he would not reveal to me. While Bill and Drift has since left, Roscoe still lives in my village till today.

Luntun has more key workers than villagers. The Able Sisters runs a tailor's shop next to Nook's shop. Sable and Mabel are both hedgehogs. I found Sable rude at first but after visiting her everyday she opened up to me and told me the story of her past. I visit the Able Sisters everyday to buy new clothing, hats, umbrellas and accessories. The one I really wanted was a Royal Crown but that costed a million bells! Then there are the occasional visitors who visits the place once a week. Lyle is an insurance hack who tries to rip me off and Gulliver sometimes flies by in his spaceship. It is possible to shoot him down with my slingshot but so far I have failed each time. Drat!

Every morning I would visit The Roost at the local museum. This is the usual hang-out place for me when I need to get a cup of coffee (with pigeon milk) from Brewster (a pigeon!). The anti copyright performer, K.K. Slider plays here from 8pm Saturdays and would hook me up with bootleg copies of his performances. So far I have acquired twenty bootleg titles from him. My favorite is K.K. Metal. K.K. Slider could have beaten Coldplay if they took part in the Brits.

As weeks went by I paid my debt to Tom Nook. Everytime I do so he would insist on expanding my comfortable pad. The cheeky capitalist would then charge exorbitant amount of bells for those expansions. The first expansion was 120,000 just to increase the ground floor room! The final expansions added a sixth room on the back and costed me 948,000 bells! I managed to pay the last bell on the mortgage just a few days ago. Finally no more debt for me!

How did I get all those bells to pay Nook? Well I catch fish and bugs and also dig up fossils. I usually donate them to Blathers to fill up the museum. The sleepy owl was robbed one day a long time ago, presumably by a crook known as Reid (who often sells me forged paintings). So although my town has a museum, it was empty. My job since being released from Nook was to occasionally donate fish, bugs, fossils and paintings to the museum.

On Sundays, Joan would come by and sell turnips. I would buy loads of them for a certain price and then wait for Nook to offer a good deal before reselling them to him. That way I earn loads of money. Turnips are the equivalent to gold in the big cities but here all we deal with are turnips. Bless me for my business sense, I should probably open a competing store opposite Nook's.

Visiting friends is easy. All I need to do is go to the town gate and asked to be let out. From there on I can visit any of my friends from around the world via this free thing called Nintendo WiFi connection. One of the most frequent visits I make to is to a town called Yolp whose resident is Boochi. We tend to trade stuffs and I usually stomp on her flowers and chop down trees in her village. We would go fishing and catch bugs together. I would also visit her friends and in many cases some of her friends has since moved into my village and mine to hers! Did I mention that up to three other people can visit my town at the same time? That's true!

I love getting letters from the other townies. They would usually give me stuffs like furniture and clothing. The key is to write letters to them often and give a gift. A shell would usually do and they are forced to give something else in return. Hahaha. But some of the more memorable letters I received were from this company called Nintendo. Last month a certain S. Iwata sent me a New Year's greeting along with a Mario coin! What a nice chap. And on Valentine's Day they sent me a Lovely Loveseat which I quickly sold of to Nook for a quick profit.

When I have nothing to do I would wander aimlessly around my home moving furniture and improving the general living condition of my mansion. Apparently certain items in certain places will improve my 'feng shui' whatever that is. Right now one my room features the complete 'Snowman' collection, items which I received when I create perfect snowmen around. Another room contains oriental furniture while the other has a more European classical theme to it. Villagers love to visit my home and give opinionated opinions that are usually negative. Those jealous bunch!

My village has grown considerable that it now features eight villages including me! They are constantly moving in and moving out. Some I love so much I beg them to stay while some I loath I couldn't care less if a shark came up and snatch them while they were fishing. Anyway my village is open to all who wants to visit. But please don't chop down my trees or ruin my flowers! But you better move into your own wild world first. See ya soon!


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Anonymous said...

Looks sweet. I may import it. Girlfriend getting bored of Nintendogs and after looking at the new Nintendo UK magazine she wants this.

Anonymous said...

Buy it, buy it, buy it.

Anonymous said...


Please visit my town again! A little cat has lost her mom which is in your town and she is crying her eyes out! Damn!

Nevertheless, remember the ground rules:

Don't stamp my flowers! Don't chop my trees! Don't steal my big fishes! Otherwise I'll sabotage your village!

Anonymous said...

I need to know is it possible to recover my previous towns. Please, I need to know?

Anonymous said...

Again, I need to know is it possible to recover other towns. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would say it's not possible, given that there's limited save space on the card and it was probably overwritten with new town data. Sorry.

Jon Choo said...

Yup, like Crowley mentioned, it isn't possible to recover towns. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I hate to burst in but, can any one give me a friend code I literally live in the North Pole and no one near me has a DS.

Anonymous said...

Plus I promise to plant 20, I MEAN 20 coconut trees in your town!

Anonymous said...

You want a friend code?
Mines 5283-6300-8847.
My town is called Hook and my name is Jessica.
I always welcome new comers...

Anonymous said...

By the way, i'm on animal crossing now so anyone who's town gate is open LET ME IN!!!
Or if you can't be bothered come visit me, I moved in this morning so show me the basics, ok?

Anonymous said...

Ok? I really would like some new friends in town, I put some on my friend rooster but they havn't showed up and they won't open their gate. I'm dying for some new pals so somebody come and talk to me, on the website or the nintendo it doesn't matter. I just need someone to talk to, PLEASE!!!

Jon Choo said...

Hi ya all! Unfortunately Burly won't be online anytime soon! Sorry!

However check out the good people at the's DS forum.

Anonymous said...

babeo, can you help me to make money i have lots of coconut and peach trees so do i just keep selling????

Anonymous said...

if you hear wind it means a present on a balloon will fly over.