Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hurrah for Finland

Bloody hell. What a fun night. Eurovision as usual sucked, with the exception of a few.

We went to Lewes to meet up with some German mates. Being Germans, they drowned us with alcholic drinks. Four or five pints of Heinekeins(?) and a shot of proper Cuban rum later, with Lordi of Finland declared the winner, I could hardly walk to the train station.

There is hope after all for Eurovision (Image source: BBC News)

Lordi of Finland of course deserved to win. The hard rock band who played Hard Rock Lallelujah and dressed up in Kiss inspired monster costume, were positively wonderful for breaking the stale that was Eurovision's shit pop songs of yore. Russia got second due to tactical and political voting by its many neighbouring and former nations, despite being represented by a shit arse of an idiot.

If I bothered to vote, it would have been:

1. Finland
2. Lithuania
3. UK

There are many crap singers out there today. France as usual fielded a French singer singing in French, and decided to announce the results in French. Typical. Israel's gospel group deservedly came in close to the last. Malta came in with only a point and Armenia's S&M show was mindblowingly idiotic that it only an idiot could not see through the political voting, that they even managed to get more than a hundred points. East Europeans and former Balkan nations, or as Mr. Bush puts it - 'new Europe', as usual ganged up against 'old Europe', by voting for their neighbours.

Terry Wogan is either getting old, or the BBC is restraining him. No idea. He was as sarcastic as ever but he was also reserved, only a couple of time interupting the live broadcast during the performances. Still funny though and the only reason to watch Eurovision. The two hosts were however terrible.

Okay time for me to sleep. I will update the post when I have the chance.

Update: I see that Orthodox Christians has been coming out condemning Lordi as 'Satanic'. When have I heard this before?

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