Wednesday, May 3, 2006

TV Review: Lost season two

So... while we in Britain has just been treated with the opening two episodes of Lost Season Two on C4 (and the third on E4), Americans has already completed the season last week. All that crap about C4 'apologising' repeatedly to viewers and claiming to be making up to us by bringing season two "forward" is rather ironic don't you think?

Then there were the viral 'Hanso foundation' ads that BT placed during the two episodes, which is sort of a 'bonus' for is here. I hope no one wasted their time calling the freephone. But if you want to here it is: 0800 66 66 40 And that blurb about M:I:III that nobody cares.

You know I don't spend a lot trying to groom myself. I am lucky that the whole 'Metro-sexual' male fashion phenomenon is dying off, slowly being replaced by the scruffy look of 'indie-rock'. Sure the cast on Lost do look scruffy, but man, 44 days in and they still look fine. Except perhaps the fat guy after a month and a half trapped in a desert island has yet to lose any weight. Didn't the producers watch Cast Away?

Doctor hero's hair still looks finely manicured while Shannon appears to have a personal hair stylist. They all look beautiful, even the damn dog. Apart from fatty of course, but who gives a shit about him.

Flashback, as I like to nickname the irrelevant series, continues where season one ended with the totally unlikeable cast trying to figure out the alpha male. This time reluctant hero doctor tries to wrestle the lead with an Independence Day style presidential speech only to be hit back by wise ass Locke. Nice one.

It isn't a great start. With much of the relevant content of the first episode being repeated in the second episode of the night, you have to give props to Channel 4 for deciding to telecast the two episodes back to back, just like when season one was first shown. Of course when I said relevant content, I meant what is actually happening on the island.

As usual flashbacks feature aplenty with the first episode delving deeper into hero doctor personality. He has hair this time. It is sort of relevant this flashback but only just. The second episode goes into Michael's past (don't you just hate this character?). Flashbacks can be good thing though as it gave me time to watch some of When Lineker Met Maradona on BBC One.

But still I find myself wanting to know what the fuck is going on at that island, which explains why we are all hooked to this series. It is fairly disappointing that there aren't anymore polar bears of giant dinosaurs (security features), but I am quite intrigued by the mysterious Hanso Foundation.

Lost season two, Channel 4, Tuesdays 10pm

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