Thursday, January 12, 2006

TV Review: Lost season one

Lost is a rarity of a program. It is and engaging, action orientated adventure - something we hardly see on TV today and yet totally unsatisfying. But for some reason, unlike other quality TV programmes like Six Feet Under, the protagonists here are so two dimensional. Here are a bunch of people who are stranded on an island and yet there is almost no connection to be felt with any single survivor.

You would just wish that Dr. Jack would just get it that he isn't as heroic as he likes to believe or that idiot rocker would just grow up. The only character that is even remotely interesting is Sawyer, and that is only because he has so far been the most humorous one. And what about the other twenty something survivors who seems to just walk around mindlessly like the zombies in Shawn of the Dead. What is it with the grooming too? These survivors, on a supposedly 'desert' island, seems to have access to better saloons and facial wash than I have in merry ol' London.

Why do we need to be treated with double or triple doses of flashback from the 'main survivors'? Lost? What about Flashback as its new title? An episode of 45 minutes is taken up half by constant historical emotional research by the survivor of the episode. Which explains why the final episode was required to be broadcasted in three parts!

Even the island is losing some of its mysterious quality. Sure nothing has been revealed yet but I felt that an island with a mysterious giant monster is probably better than an island with mysterious people. I am sorry but after the initial enthusiasm of the first few episodes, the initial concept of watching a TV show of stranded islanders that isn't some celebrity reality show, has somehow waned. Maybe the huge pilot episode brought some sort of unrealistic expectation to the series, because unlike other TV shows that get better with each coming episodes and/or series, Lost somehow 'lost' it somewhere in the middle with no clear directions to go. But hei who am I to complain? I will still watch it. I just can't wait to see which bum gets killed off next (please let it be the psycho partners, Claire and Charlie - or Michael).

Oh well, we just got the last two episodes of Season One, and yet something tells me Season Two (which has been shown in America for the past four months) would have the creators attempting to inject more mythical dust on the 'Others'. Well at least Channel 4 has learnt their lesson slightly by bringing Season Two forward to Spring.

Desperate Housewives Season Two begins next Wednesday on Channel 4


living-in-the-uk said...

season two doesn't seem to cut it in my opinion.and yes i know what's in the hatch :P

Jon said...

Hei my word verification for this reply was 'arztn'. Creepy.