Tuesday, January 3, 2006

New Year fireworks, London

One hour before the New Year we decided to just head of towards Westminster. It was a stupid decision of course. The Tube, not helped by a partial piss-poor Tube Strike, was packed. So we took the bus to Victoria and walked the 1/2 a mile journey on Victoria Street to Westminster. It was packed with revellers. We took position on Parliament Street with a great view of the Big Ben and a partial view of the London Eye.

A minute before the New Year, London decided it needed a little rain. As usual.

While most of the fireworks were shot from barges on the Thames, some were from the London Eye itself. It was quite pretty. Those on the Victoria Embankment had a
great view.

When the last colour went off, people started kissing, hugging, shaking hands and generally wishing everyone else a happy New Year.

More pictures

New Year's resolution:

1. Be nicer to tourists.
2. Shed the post-Christmas weight.
3. Start exercising.
4. ...


MooPig said...

The crowd was a nightmare to my friends and I. Scary!

We came home pissed and smelling like alcohol.

We couldn't even get a proper view of the fireworks because we could only get out from Exit 6 from Westminster tube station and the furthest we could go was the traffic light. How sad!

deliriouslybored said...

Had an excellent view from a friend's accomodation opposite the Waterloo station =) Plus, it shielded us from the rain!!

Unknown said...

The last picture is great

And I never make New Year's Resolutions as I know I'll never keep them !!!!

Jon Choo said...

Eileen, we did not get pissed but we did hug lots of wet (and pissed) strangers. Plus we had a free viewing of five police cars and two police vans arriving to arrest some loud mouth trouble makers at 2am.

Deliriouslybored, I am jealous. The flats around Waterloo are nice but expensive!

Annie, thanks. I am sure many will know that New Year's resolution 1-3 will never be kept.