Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chinese New Year

Argh!!! The flat I am living in is undergoing repairs which has affected my PC's wireless connection to the access point down stairs. This is a pretty big house and it isn't open plan either, so any wireless access through to my room is going to be patchy but with this - it is nigh impossible! I do not even dare to go through online gaming out of fear of lag (or even worse - connection drop! Imagine that during a furious session of MK:DS?)!

Dammit! Anyway have a nice New Year. I can't say that I really enjoy celebrating the Lunar New Year apart from the food. Chinese New Year in Britain (9th time tomorrow) is a usual affair of just meeting up with relatives in London or spending quality time with Jennifer. Apart from that nothing really special ever happens really, just a mere obligation to follow tradition. I may once in a while attempt to get to Trafalgar Square for the parade but I am having none of that this year. It is just too chilly and frankly from what I heard - pretty boring. But don't let my feeling of morose get to you.

A rare pink DS! How dare she!!??

So where may I enjoy traditional cuisine come Sunday? Not too sure yet but my aunt is planning on a little feast of Indian/Pakistani food down in Hendon (hardly something you normally have on the first day but there you go - it is fab though and I blogged about the place before). Or maybe just the usual assault on Oriental City (Colindale). Last year we had Malaysian in this tiny restaurant, also in Hendon. I can't remember the name of the joint, but their Laksa is awesome, even if it was a little expensive (around £6). I will look it up for anyone who is interested.


howsy said...

Happy CNY to you, Jon. Yeah, the Leicester Square/Trafalgar Square CNY procession a bit boring. Normal dances and studd like dat. Firecrackers display nothing like the Bonfire's one. Anyway, enjoy your CNY!

Jon said...

Ditto to that.