Monday, January 9, 2006

The Berliner Observer

I don't normally buy Sunday papers (too expensive, plus Sunday is a lie-in day) but yesterday was the relaunch of the new Observer in the Berliner format. The new paper, I assumed are printed on the same printing presses as the Berliner Guardian, features a new look but lacks the radical departure that its sister weekday paper provided when it moved to the Berliner format. The supplements (Review, Sport, Escape, Media & Business) now feature huge coloured titles which are rather "in your face".

More at the Observer blog.

I should also mouth my two pence on the Kennedy issue. Personally I do not care if an alcoholic runs a party (Churchill was an alcoholic and he led the country) but the whole farcical over the last week had the Lib-Dems wrestling the 'nasty party' title away from the Tories. With the Lib-Dems internal conflict boiling out of control, the same people that were sent to assassinate Kennedy could be seen on the Beeb today running through a damage control interviews.

Also with the two other major parties seemingly sharing similar center ground policies, I can't see how the Lib-Dems can ever improve over last year's general elections. British politics is really hitting a bum now with non of the major parties really offering anything radical. You can hardly sense any real desire from them anymore.

As for who should be leading the party, Menzies Campbell and Simon Hudges are too likeable chaps. They have appeared on the telly in recent years more often than many politico bigwigs. Simon Hudges seems to have the charisma of a TV personality (much like the Conservative's Michael Portillo) and could win younger voters (he looks less evil than David Cameron, who behind his ever present grin, seems to be hiding something) while Ming Campbell seems more trustworthy. But is he too old?

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