Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Hi guys!

I am back. And this was what we had for Christmas dinner. We returned to London on Boxing Day. BTW, the new Doctor Who rocks!

Because of the lack of public transport, we had to hitch a ride on the National Express. Snow arrived in London on Bank Holiday Tuesday. Here is a shot from a flat in Central London:

No exactly what I was hoping for, but a cold snap is predicted for January so hopefully more bone crushing snow on its way.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Delicious "man taus" and stewed pork and sausage rolled in bacons..

Did you make/cook these?!

Jon Choo said...

Jennifer made most of it the previous day. The Yorkshire puddings were pre-made off the shelf stuff - I believe from Waitrose. All I had to do was make sure it was in the oven long enough. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yorkshire puddings? Dang, it sure looked like "man tau" to me. Haha!

Lucky you..