Friday, January 20, 2006

Big Brotherly racism mess and Desperate Housewives S2 thoughts

Sorry for the lack of post. I have been nursing two cold/flu/whatever. One I received just after Christmas and the other last week. It was a crappy time that got worst before it got better. Anyway a rant will begin this post.

I hate people who try to blame their skin colour for their inability to succeed in life.

Can't get a job?
Because people are racist.

Can't win a stupid-arse reality TV show?
Because people are racist.

See the similarity?

Take for example the most idiotic contestant on a well known 'celebrity' television today, Faria Alam who today complained on the Channel 4 show that as minorities, she, Traci Bingham and Dennis Rodman would never ever win Big Brother* because Britain is a racist country. Let me quote the known liar a little bit:

"Do you think they'll ever let a black or Asian girl or guy win this thing? ... Are you out of your tree? Think about it, darling. Never. Remember that. ... This country? Oh please! Don't even get me going on that. They would never, they'd be up in fucking arms."

Faria baby, people do not like you because you are a bit of a twit. People do not like you, not because you are an Asian descendent, but because you are a slapper who made money by sleeping around with people.

Note past winners of British reality TV:

Brian Dowling - Gay Irish winner of BB 2001 (probably the last good BB). Now a TV presenter.
Nadia - Transexual Portuguese, winner of BB 2004. Hate her for her loud mouth and stupid antics that wasted valuable newspaper space. Still the public loved her and continue to buy the crap work out DVDs. Urgh!
Myleene Klass - Winner of Popstars and member of the now disbanded Hear'say. Now gone solo in the direction of classical pop hybrid (ala Vanessa Mae). Her mother is Filipino. I met her once - she is a lovely gal. Unfortunatedly still making crap music.

* Note I wasn't actually watching the crap fest. I left the telly tuned to Channel 4 waiting for Desperate Housewives to start at 10, while lying in bed playing Mario Kart DS against three other Karters around the globe. The diatribe from Faria's mouth actually cost me the race.

Speaking of Desperate Housewives, is this what we waited eight bloody months for? Watching as the plumber guy walked into his house facing death in possibly one of the most anticipated scenes of uhm, this year's TV - of him getting killed by his kid. Only to watch the most ridiculous season opener, like ever. One day separates the events of season one finale and season two opener and the difference is apparent. Stupidity rained all over the season opener. Hopefully it will get better but the niche of watching sexy housewives has somewhat drained.

With Lost finally over and Desperate Housewives having being semi-permanently removed from my TV listings I only have My Name is Earl to entertain me. That is until season two of Doctor Who comes up. Woo-hoo! Spring can't come soon enough. I think I will go sulk off now. Bye.


howsy said...

I never watched any TV since like...forever. Crappy BB.

Starting to miss Lil' Britain now...sigh!

MooPig said...

CBB is getting borrrrrring.

But I still find myself sitting in front of the tele at 9pm almost every night, tuning in to Channel4.

Perhaps it's Preston. :P (But not his tattoos)

living-in-the-uk said...

ouch. hope u get well soon.

Kat said...

Aww.. do get well soon.

Jon said...

Howsy, there is always TittyBangBang. I just can't get enough of that!

Eileen, I wish they would just dump Davina in it! I can't stand her!

Ken, Kat: Thanks!