Thursday, June 2, 2005

Desperate Housewives

"And you can catch the new series of Desperate Housewives early next year..."

That was the teaser Channel 4 gave viewers after last night's season finale.

Yes, Desperate Housewives finally ended yesterday and it was a satisfying end after months of teasing by the producers of the series and Channel 4. Episodes after episodes we were led craving for more explanations to the mysterious hidden secrets of Wisteria Lane and man did we get one.

The black comedy drama started and ended with the mystery of series narrator Mary Alice Young and the reason why she shot herself dead. For many months now, the four desperate housewives of Susan Mayer, Gabrielle Solis, Lynette Scavo and Bree van de Kamp began their investigation into the suicide of their close neighbour only to end up with a scandal, a murder, shootings, burglary and more scandals.

* spoilers ahead *

We found out that Mary Alice Young was known as Angela Forrest and she 'adopted' baby Dana from an addict called Deirdra. She changed name and along with her husband Paul Young, moved to Wisteria Lane where years later a sobered up Deirdra returned to demand the return to her children. In the row, Mary Alice stabbed her and she ended up in the toy chest.

A leading character was also killed off. And Susan is confronted by a pistol wielding Zach. While loose ends were tied, plot holes were left all over the final episodes. There are two new mysterious characters who just moved into Wisteria Lane who may or may not be criminals. Is Mike the father of Dana/Zach? Will Zach kill Mike? What will happen to Paul Young, who was actually innocent of murder?

Before the double bill finale started I boasted to Jennifer about my superior knowledge in American TV production by attempting a couple of predictions. Most of them failed but one I did hit - that of Lynette's decision to return to her former high flying executive career.

* spoilers end *

Still while I only got one out of five predictions correct it does mean that this was one of the most gripping drama that has been exported out of America for a while. The fact that it managed to replace the dull Sex and the City as a hit on Channel 4's prime slot and managed to gain a couple of male fans is a testament to the quirky show on suburban America.

Well seven more months to go before it all begins again. All is not lost though to fans of black comedy. The second series of
Nip/Tuck begins on Channel 4 Wednesdays at 10.50pm from next week. And judging by the early trailer, Sugar Rush seems to be a promising local production which story is based around a sexually confused 15-year old Kim and her infactuation with sassy Sugar. That's on Channel 4 Tuesdays at 10.50pm.


Anonymous said...

I was contemplating on doing a blog entry discussing the differences and the plots between Desperate Housewives and Sex and the city..!:) But thanks for a good read.

I just watched the last episode on my laptop yesterday and ARGHHHHHH..... but I went to the forums, and apparently he will appear in flashbacks in the second season. He is one of my favourite characters... one of the more normal ones. Hate George the chemist. Hate hate hate.

Jon Choo said...

I was wondering who you were talking about, until I realised it was about Rex. Yeah, he was one of the better male characters (all the male characters are weaklings). I am sure a hidden past of his will come to light.

Kat said...

lol.. I had to avoid reading the bulk of your post to avoid any spoilers. :P

Can't wait for nip/tuck to start again. :)

cccp said...

i felt for bree. when she found out the news but continued cleaning her silverware set, my heart broke. then when she was all done and let the news settled in, she mourned so painfully it just made me uneasy. of course the whole 'disturbing' effect was created by the conversation bree and rex had in the hospital, and from the misunderstanding before rex's death. overall, fantastic acting from bree, great script, direction, story, etc. the dirty humour is disturbing but oh so true. can't wait for the second season.

Jon Choo said...

kat, sorry!

cccp, I didn't know Desperate Housewives was being broadcasted in Malaysia.

Cherry said...

I love Desperate Housewives!! and the plot was damn good too ! :)

Choy Hoong said...

I have to agree, it was one of the best shows. Does anyone know when the DVD be released?

Jon Choo said...

No idea.

Anonymous said...

I caught this on the repeat on Sunday. Hilarious. Can't wait for Niptuck tonight.