Thursday, June 23, 2005


A mate of mine recently purchased a Gizmondo portable gaming machine and let me had a go while on the bus. He had Stuntcar Extreme. It was okay I guess. I played Stuntcar Extreme when it was released on the Pocket PC platform few months ago so it wasn't anything new. The graphics (of Stuntcar Extreme) are nicer and smoother but nothing like the version for Intel 2700G multimedia processor. But Sony's PSP is still miles ahead in graphical capabilities. (Yeah this guy has all three major portable consoles now including the Nintendo DS - crazy!)

I am just waiting for Colors to be released which will take advantage of the built-in GPS chip. I played with the demo in their flagship store at Regents Street sometime ago and it was a blast. Sure there wasn't a chance to test the GPS function (because the device was fixed and they wouldn't loan me one). But Colors is the big game everyone is waiting for, much like Zelda is for Nintendo and Metal Gear Solid is for Sony.

image: taken at Gizmondo, Regents Street


dannyFoo said...

Urm, not trying to be smart but isn't it meant to be spelt Gizmo'n'do. o.0 Or you trying to pickup Google spiders. ;)

Jon said...

My bad. Always confused with the Gizmodo e-blog.