Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Finally some sense from Malaysia's government

I totally welcome this initiative by the Malaysian government to distribute free condoms in order to combat the spread of HIV. Like it or not humans will always practice sex and if free condoms means someone is saved from a life threatening virus then so much the better.

The past two days Mrs. Blair has come under heavy criticism from some pretend prints such as
The Daily Mail (ugh...) for her trip to Malaysia next month. Now I am not a Cherie Blair fan but I am on the fence on this one. Cherie Blair while isn't free from scandal, she does support the abolition of the death penalty and her human right record speaks for itself (apart from her support from the illegal invasion of Iraq).

But then again Malaysia needs a good kick in the arse to realise that the country is in essential a pariah nation in the eyes of the world. And if Cherie cancels the tour to humiliate the government then so be it. Because it is shit like this that makes me mad.

Now so far I have kept my nose out of the so called Sarong Girl debate. My opinion is this: The media probably had the right to keep tabs on bloggers, that is what people in the media do anyway. And the Malaysia blogging community had the right to defend her.

But so far all I saw were childish behaviours accusing someone of bad journalism. Is that the best one can do? I am a hardcode liberal and believe in female's right to show of their bodies or do whatever they want, but somehow in my humble opinion this whole issue was started because the blogger in question was an attention seeker (like that Hustler bloke).


vincent said...

Why do we need to worry if the 'world' (actually...just the western world) thinks that we are a pariah nation? We are developing, and like it or not, every developing nation bends their rules (some a bit, some a lot) in order to compete with the other developed nations. It may be wrong, but it is the hard fact of life and we need to understand why such policies are in place....and not bother what the ignorant Western media has to say.

Jon said...

If Malaysia insist on developing (yeah right...vision 2020 blah) then it can do so without all the idiotic initiative in place (like the deporting/caning of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants only to reverse the decision months later because they couldn't 'recruit' enough Pakistanis).

We shouldn't accept this as a fact of life. Things can change if people insist it change. The 1968 revolutions in many countries has forced changes in many government on how they operate.