Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Music Review: Foo Fighters - In Your Honour

Foo Fighters -  In Your Honour

Can Foo Fighters ever top The Colour and the Shape or their eponymous debut? They seem to be trying? The new album comes with two CDs worth of mostly new materials. CD One will be the rock album while the second CD will be the acoustic album. I have been listening to the album for two days now digesting the music. Here is my review.

In Your Honour begins with the title track, a gritty introduction with a screaming Dave Grohl. It was an intense track unlike anything I would expect from a first track especially one by Foo Fighters.

Normal service resumes with No Way Back which style harks or the way back to their debut, a rock album full of beats and nice fast guitar. Maybe this should have been the intro? Best of You is definitely the Foo Fighter mainstream track. It is not hard, it was complex and it was great.

I won't go into details on the rest of what Disc One sounds like but it sounds but it kinda went downhill after DOA with numbers that seems to go no where. The production value is great, if not too much. They should have toned down a little bit and let the harsh music do the talking. It won't replace Foo Fighters or The Colours and the Shape as the defacto classic of the band but it is not too bad.

The second CD has a number of acoustic tracks. This shouln't come as a surprise. Dave Grohl's former band Nirvana has produced an acoustic filled album before. Try listening to Friend of a Friend (which was written when Dave was still at Nirvana) and you can hear the similarities.

I am not sure if Norah Jones is my cup of tea and I have to admit I wasn't pleased when I heard she will be dueting in a jazz number on Virginia Moon. It was interesting while it lasted. In fact the whole second disc was interesting but only so. I doubt it would reside on my permanent playlist and probably be consigned to my 'archive drawer' collecting dust.

The first CD is alright I guess. I shouldn't be complaining really, at least they priced the double album in a similar price range as a single disc album (three pence under a tenner). But alas this is no Foo Fighters classic, not even the first CD. It just didn't have the originality that they once were capable of.

CD1: 7/10
CD2: 5.5/10

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Anonymous said...

Good review. Being a foo Fighter fan I find myself liking the second disc better. The first disc is great but not enough new material.