Sunday, June 5, 2005

Film Review: Christiane F.

Christiane F

I saw this film on a very old battered VHS many many years ago but it was an English dubbing version with Americanised accent. It was painful to watch because I have always hated dubbing in any films, especially one that doesn't match with the performers lips.

So thanks to Chris for lending me this DVD. This DVD is a re-issue of the 1981 film with the cleaned up digitally remastered original German language with English subtitles. The picture quality is excellent as far as DVD goes.

Christiane F. is based on a true story, that of a fourteen year old Christiane and her life in 1970s bleak and depressive Berlin and her being drawn into the drug world. The film is dark, provocative and as arty as any non-Hollywood film would dare be. The soundtrack by David Bowie is excellent and fits into the whole film as the 'sound'

There are not many drug films that plays as well as Christiane F. The whole film portrays the drug scene as authentic as it could possibly be. Hollywood film it isn't as the performers were genuine teenagers. The message is clear. Addiction to drug is bad. Try H but think you won't get addicted, but you will eventually. Just like a junkie friend of mine. (He should have watched this)

Whatever you do, do not get the dubbed version. The 2000 issued DVD UK region 2 version comes with English subtitles so it shouldn't confuse you. Plus you will be able to enjoy the performance of the then young actors.



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