Monday, June 6, 2005

Grumble #4

Well that's it. I will be leaving O2 in August. They have recently decided to charge me on calls that I thought were inclusive of my free minutes. These data calls were made since March 2005 but they have apparently treated me like a kid, not billing me (they shouldn't in the first place) until today, luring me into false sense of security and then bam - a 'courtesy sms' by them reminding how much my unbilled charges are with all the backtracked calls since March.

I won't divulge anymore details because I am currently considering what legal options I may take next. But to put it bluntly - O2, formerly known as BT Cellnet, sucks.
The way they go about their business is exactly like that fat bunch on the new Nationwide Building Society adverts in Britain. It is as though the company openly and actively practice fraud. Just look at how awful they are.

Where next? T-Mobile? I heard their customer service sucks. Vodafone? I was with them for four five years but got screwed by them until I left two years ago. Orange? Not sure. Three? Who bloody knows.


Anisah said...

Three, customer service bloody sucks. Real life e.g.
Three: Danny here.... how can I help you.
Me: Before we start, can I just inform you that I've been waiting, on hold, for the past 5 minutes. I wonder if you could help me with this, I need to know the number to dial from a landline in order to access my three voice mail.
Three: Alright, can I just take your mobile number?
Me: OK, my number is (079...).
Three: That is 077...
Me: No, that's not right. But, by the way, I don't think you need my mobile number to answer my query.
Three: Yes, we do, we need to run some security checks.
Me: No, I don't think so, surely you'd be able to tell me what number to ring to access voice message in general. I know our conversation is recorded, I'd like to say this so your supervisors can do something to improve things. I surfed your website for the past 20 minutes, and I couldn't find any such information at all.
Three: OK, if you don't wish to give me yor mobile number, that is fine. I will give you the number to ring to access your voice message. It is 0845.... No, I'm sorry. It's 077...
Me: That's terrific. Thanks.

(Almost 30 minutes to get my query addressed).

Kat said...

O2 has always been known for their awful customer service. I have been using T-Mobile and Orange and so far I don't have any problems with them.

Jon said...

Anisah, the problem with '3' from what I gather was the free calls can be obtained through 'redemption'. Not sure how that works. A friend of mine is on '3' and he needs to claim back monies every month. All these sound dodgy.

Btw, your phone call example demonstrates exactly how O2 customer service works.

Kat, I am leaning towards Orange.

Anonymous said...

I was on O2 too until I left six months ago. The thing about them isn't only about their customer service but the whole service. Text messages sent were always delayed or sometimes never delivered at all!