Thursday, June 16, 2005

Music Review: The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers

The Magic Numbers

It isn't everyday you get to discover something totally different to listen to. But I did and I blame NME for that. I swore some time ago not to buy into any hype NME impose on us mortal souls. But I did not abide by my own bidding hence when I walked past The Magic Number's eponymous debut album, sure there was a little sticker there with another NME 2005 proclamation, and I bought it.

Ignoring the sight of a fat lady, the album is instantly my new favourite with the first track, Morning Eleven immediately drawing my attention. The band managed to successfully mix alternative rock with 1960s pop, soul and country to great effect (think Kaiser Chiefs). Beautiful yet simple to excite. The result it an exciting blend of melancholic joyous hippy jumpy music to put a smile on me on a day when the clouds decided to piss on us. It isn't all pop though. There are technical guitar solos that will put other guitar bands to shame (read= Oasis).

Do give this album a chance. It is a gem to forever keep. Lalala...



Noodl3zz said...

~ I straight fell for this band the first time I saw their video clip (forever lost) a month ago.. some said they are the new Papas Mamas.. or was it Mamas Papas? well.. whichever it is.. they are good.

have u listened to the new album of I Am Kloot (key track: Over My shoulder) and James Blunt (Key Track: High, Beautiful) what do u think of 'em?

Jon Choo said...

Haven't heard Gods and Monsters yet. There are no indie stores nearby so I will have to wait till I go into the city. Thanks for the tip.