Friday, June 3, 2005

Music Review: Oasis - Don't Believe The Truth

Don't Believe The Truth is Oasis's sixth studio album in three years and what has changed since Heathen Chemistry? Absolutely nothing what so ever (that I can perceive). The usual anthemic sing-a-longs are still present which may be a positive thing - if it is good in the first place. But it isn't.

Some has voiced that this album marks a comeback for the Manchester band's domination after years of Britpop decline. While this is just my opinion - but what the fuck? Sure this may be a comeback album for them, but comeback from what?

Some even has the audacity to compare this to the 'great' What's The Story (Morning Glory). Okay Morning Glory isn't that great, but it was an interesting album and average as far as Oasis is concerned. On the other hand the only memorable track here was Gem's A Bell Will Ring, which was brilliant. Note it was written by Gem, not by Noel or Liam. And again it sounded like the Beatles.

Then there is Lyla. Anybody who ever owns Marconi's most popular invention will probably die out of boredom now. The first single from this album shot to the number one position in the chart. And it was a rubbish laddish song.

I can never understand Oasis. Do they actually know more than five sets of guitar chords? And does Liam has any other vocals other than the constant whining about his miserable (but rich) life? Liam and Patsy. How they used to grip the nation's tabloid. Liam still makes the headlines from time to time with his latest antics, probably just to remind us that Oasis still exists. They probably do. But do they still matter? I doubt so. Only thing is we only now care more about Pete and Kate.

This album just doesn't cut it for all the hype that has been thrown at us - for me at least. But then again nothing Oasis ever does. If you are into 'old school' rock bands such as Rolling Stones or The Beatles, then this album should be on your CD collection. But that is the problem innit? Oasis will forever be just pretenders to The Beatles.



Anonymous said...

Isn't every band a pretender to the Beatles.

C'mon that is such old critic cliche schtick.

It's a great album. How come Coldplay are 'inspired' by The Pogues or Kraftwerk and Oasis is stealing.


Go listen to the NOIZE of Radiohead.

Jon Choo said...

Well Beatles are a bit shit too.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with the first poster that it is a cliche to label oasis as Beatles copying, my low score for this album would be to do with it was a piss poor album.


Anonymous said...

I just got the album and I agree that it is shit. I am totally dissapointed with Noel and Liam.