Monday, June 20, 2005

Martin & Irena, cannabis smoking in the park

I don't really like to blog about this kind of stuff, but this is the most seriously funny shit that I ever heard/experience hence the reason why it is here.

A friend of mine, a British guy age 35/36, has a problem. Well not really a problem since he has already made up his mind. But here me out. Let's just call him Martin. He has been living with this Italian lady for more than ten years now. They were hopelessly in love at first but are now starting to fall out.

The reason might amuse you. You see Martin only went out with this Spanish Italian lady whom, I will call Maria, because the lady (a Slovenian called Irena) he used to love moved to the States and married another bloke there. They have two childs now.

Recently Martin and Irena has resumed contact. Irena is having a relationship problem with her American hubbie and is contemplating divorcing him (if she can gain custody). Well Martin soon falls in love with her again. They e-mail each other constantly. Now when I asked him how would Maria (someone whom I don't like actually) feel about it he brushed it off and stated that Irena was his first ever love and if she decided to get back to him then he will dump Maria.

Irena flew over to Britain last summer and she and Martin (minus Maria) went on a two week break to the Isle of Wight. Maria actually has suspicion on Martin's activities for quite some time but she is adamant to stick with him (she also co-owns the 4 bedroom North London home they are staying in). It was pretty funny. Once I was over at Martin's place and he showed us a video of the Isle of Wight trip with Irena. They weren't holding hands or anything (at least not on video) but the closeness was evident. The funny part was Maria was viewing the video with us!!!

I haven't contacted Martin for a few months now but today I received a call from him. Apparently Maria will be flying to the states for a two week holiday. At first I thought that she wanted to confront Irena but then Martin told me that it was because she met some bloke of teh Interweb and is flying to meet him! I hear you...what the fuck is going on!? He was pretty serious when stating that he wants to marry Irena. The thing is if Irena does not get a divorce and move back to London then he will continue being with Maria. Weird isn't it?

I doubt he and Maria has an open relationship. Apart from Irena I know of no one else he flings with apart from a short time when he went out with a co-worker from the council office where they work together. As for Maria - who the fuck knows. Personally we don't really care much about Maria. Some of us even hate her (I don't know her well enough to hate her so I am pretty neutral in this - but I do know that she is a control freak).

There you go. My first gossip that I decided to blog about. What do you guys think? Should I mind my own business or should I kick Martin in his arse? He supports Chelsea after all so at least he is deserving of one.


I was at the park walking back from a off-license (getting beer) and there was a group of five black blokes. A very familiar smell lighted my senses. They were smoking cannabis! Complete with glass water pipes. Right there at the park with the police station 200 yards away. The reclassification to class C sure does wonders. I chatted with them for a while and they offered me a 'taste' (not that I needed any) but I declined. I have been clean for many years, I won't risk a joint and get addicted/caught.


Chewxy said...

So, Irena is Italian of a Slovakian descent?

Why the hell am I such a bloody busybody?

Jon said...

Sorry my mistake. I was in a hurry and I did not proof read this. It does not matter what nationality they are just that this situation is a little weird!