Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Boris Johnson blogs

Despite having a blog under his name, Boris Johnson hardly ever blogs. Most of the posts are from Melissa. Today he did - on the subject of Racial and Religious Hatred Bill: Second Reading:

Today I am sitting in my boiling and un-air-conditioned office getting psyched up for an afternoon in the House of Commons.

We have before us an appalling bill, and because I have no confidence that I will catch the Speaker's eye, I want to tell you NOW roughly what I am going to say - or what I would say, if given the chance to speak.

Boris Johnson (Henley): "Mr Speaker I do not want to detain the House long, since so many of the points have of course been so eloquently made by my Hon Friends on the front benches.

I simply want to add my voice to the general and growing chorus of those who believe that this bill is bad, ill-thought out, and likely to do far more harm than good.

In trying to create a new offence, of incitement to religious hatred, I believe the government is on the verge of an almost mediaeval repression of free speech.

Excellent arguement Boris.

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