Thursday, June 9, 2005

Nip/Tuck, Joyti De-Laurey, Sugar Rush, Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Nip/Tuck returned to Channel 4 last night under the guise of a second series. Following the sick life of Sean and Christian, the two Miami plastic surgeons (who are both turning 40) this series should prove even more outrageous than the first, if yesterday's episode were to be judged by - which includes a nursering mother insisting her ex to suck milk out of her tits. Christian has no problems practicing on himself in order to remain youthful while Sean has his doubts. Despite my qualms on the unnecessary gory scenes and shock antics, next week just can't come soon enough.

Before that The Secretary Who Stole £4 Million retells the story of City firm personal assistant Joyti De-Laurey who made news last year as a Goldman-Sachs PA who swindled some 4.5 million pounds from her employers - who did not notice because when "you are making an obscene amount of money the fact that a few million here or there might go missing is just not something you would notice." Joyti was excellently portrayed by Meera Syal. The BBC Two drama intercuts with interviews with Joyti's friends, family and colleagues with news footages and was very effective.

Tuesday's Channel 4 original drama Sugar Rush proved to be a winner. The new series follows a 15-year old girl moving to "gay capital" Brighton where she meets the cool Sugar Rush. Lessons in sex and confusion over her sexuality soon takes hold of her as she struggles to lose her virginity while having a crush on her female mentor. Both episodes were great (the following episode aired on E4). Excellent adaptation.

And finally, just got back from the theater. Caught Mr. & Mrs. Smith. A very fun film. The action sequences were terrific, pretty much expected from the director of The Bourne Identity. Enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. The climax was a little too straining and it did drag a little bit towards the end but so far nothing faulty as far as action flicks go. And I love the idea of intercutting the sequences with marriage counseling scenes. Angelina Jolie was as hot as ever and Brad Pitt's usual comedic dialogues are present.



UnimateD said...

~ hmmm.. cant wait to watch that flick... 16th june only it will premiere over here.. ~

Jon said...

I am planning to watch it again. Very funny, more of a popcorn film than a serious one. Can't believe those low reviews given by critics. It is supposed to be a fun film.