Thursday, June 16, 2005

Music Review: The Tears - Here Come The Tears

Here Comes The Tears

This is the album that brings back Bernard Butler and Brett Anderson back together after their split back in the heydays of Suede. Despite what some may wish for, this is a pretty darn good 'debut'.

The album is filled with nice Britpop songs, a testament of what Suede could have been if they sticked together in 1994. Expression is still rooted in britpop with a great track in Refugees. Then there is Brave New Century, a glammy filler. Nonsensical band this isn't. If you like your Oasis or Coldplay then maybe this may further open your eyes.

The production is a little harsh, not perfect which is a good thing when looking for albums like this. There are a couple of misses but the majority are gems. The album finale, A Love As Strong As Death, a beautiful atmospheric subtle and amazing track.

Suede they may not be. It isn't 1993 again you know, but it is close.


UnimateD said...

~ oh yay... this is one good album.. I like "Imperfection", nice...

hey.. I'm just wonderin' rite.. r u goin' to any of them festival this summer? (u r in UK aren't u?) I wanna go so bad.. :(, dunno when can I have my chance..~

Jon said...

I was supposed to attend the Isle of Wight festival last weekend but cancelled due to other commitments.

And I couldn't get tickets to Glastonbury (since I was on a plane when they opened the box office!). I might be attending the Wireless festival at Hyde Park. Because it is in London I won't have to get a new camping kit.

UnimateD said...

~ sweet.... ~