Friday, June 17, 2005

Freebie: Onitsuka Tiger wrist band

Onitsuka Tiger

If you happen to be in Carnaby Street, head to Onitsuka Tiger's new store on Newburgh Street where you can claim your free Onitsuka Tiger wrist band. I am a sucker for freebies (kiasu) which was the reason we went there over the weekend.

Onitsuka Tiger wrist band

I don't think the wrist band is made of leather although I am not sure. It comes in one size and has two buttons to allow for adjusting. On the center of the band a cool embossed tiger stares out. Then there are those words 'ONITSUKA TIGER by ASICS' embossed near the end of the band. Cool huh?

The store itself is pretty small and has a minimalist style. In addition to ASICS shoes you can purchase Onitsuka Tiger Ts, hoods, trousers, accessories etc.

BTW, if you are thinking of getting the yellow ASICS Tai Chi model that Uma Thurman wore in Kill Bill: Volume One then you will be disappointed. Sold out.

Onitsuka Tiger
15, Newburgh Street
W1F 7RX London

Tube: Oxford Circus


Anonymous said...

Grghnh.. i am in Malaysia!

Kat said...

Cool. Freebies :)

I do have a pair of yellow Asics Onitsuka trainers, but I got it way before Kill Bill hype. It has been worn to death though. Shame really.

Anonymous said...

Jon Choo, you have a blog ah? Aiseh man... hei, e-mail me lah!


Jon said...

Yoon, no idea who you are. Probably wrong Jon Choo.

Kat, good for you! I don't really like ASICS trainers. Too thin, not suitable to walking. But I do like yellow as a shoe colour.

Anonymous said...

PPS blogger here. This is so cool. Any chance you can get more?

Jon said...

sorry can't. Okay, I won't. It would be quite embarrasing.