Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Selfridges sale & Oriental city

Took this on Thursday. Stressful. But do check it out.

Selfridges Sale

New at Oriental City (map), an Asian interpretation of Western cuisine. Pictured is the pork chop with black pepper bean sauce with chips. Included for your £5.80 is a hearty bowl of soup, carrot, corn and broccoli plus a choice between more chips, fried rice or spaghetti. Great value.



Jeff Lee said...

Hello, I am a student and will be going to England to study from September. Do you know any good Malaysian restaurants in England?

elb said...

jon: dammit, I'm so going to Selfridges too! :D

jeff: there's C&R, Melur, Kopitiam and Malaysia Hall in London, to name a few.

Penang Village in Manchester comes highly recommended by me!

Jon said...

There are three Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant I know about that hasn't been mentioned by Patrick. Two are based in Hendon and one in Finchley Road/Swiss Cottage. Sorry I can't remember the name but I will post an update if I can't get hold of it. And then there is Oriental City.

Patrick, where is this Melur?