Monday, June 20, 2005

Wimbledon, Formula One, Philips DVD+RW

Wimbledon begins today! And with it comes the curse of Wimbledon on London's weather. Yes after yesterday's record heatwave Thor decided to punish us with a little bit of rain, thunder and lightning. All this on the first day of Wimbledon. Still looking forward to the tournament. Depending on the play (and ticket availability), I might even attend Friday's or Saturday's event.

BBC Wimbledon blog


Follow up to my Bernie challenge post - it looks like he really took it up. Heh. So what if the 'sport' is in jeopardy? They have loads of obscene money from doing nothing but 'risking' their life. Farcical? Maybe. Expected? Yeah. The only reason why such a debacle happened in the first place was the tyre regulations FIA put in place to reduce cost and speed. And the inevitable happened. Some might cry for Formula One today in disgust. I wasn't. I was elated. Formula One deserves to be in this position. It was shameful and they deserved it.

And I really won't blame Michelin for this. All of Formula One is to blame including Ferrari who were the only team to veto a compromise. Regardless it was a funny sight when I switched on the telly for the highlights at 12.30am. What a laugh. A sport worth millions and a bunch of rich adults who would not find a compromise. And that idiot Monteiro. So you won. Big deal.

Can't wait for the breakaway championship.


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This is from Comet. 25 Philips 4x DVD+RW media on a spindle for only £12.99 when I bought them a month ago. That is about 50p per disc. Not a bad deal considering it is a branded package. Comet had a pack of 5 Philips 4x DVD+RW (with boxes) for £10 so I think I got a good deal here.

I always use branded optical disc media because they never fail me. Learnt that the hard way a few years back when I got a couple of cheap Memorex CD-Rs and although the discs were kept in safe dry storage, a few months later most of them were unreadable. My Sony CD-R medias burnt three years ago can still be read despite all the scratches on them.


Anonymous said...

you know all the other f1 USA posts from PPS, this is the only "negative" comment i have read. most blamed Michelin on the farce but you choose not to, instead highlight the real fault - FIA.

Jon said...

I think this opinion by Nigel Mansell pretty much sums up how I felt. Michelin are not to be blamed. By pulling out they had safety in interest first. They also knew the repercussion of their act and admit that their tyres were not up to it. They were just limiting their liability. What if a spectator dies because of a tyre failure?

Anonymous said...

52% viewers blame FIA, 39% blames Michelin