Monday, June 13, 2005

Cut & Cover : Leinster Gardens

The world's first underground network now known as the District Line started operation in 1868. The construction of the line was done using the 'Cut & Cover' method where the ground was dug up in order to create the tunnel for the tracks before being covered up.

When developing the line between Paddington and Bayswater, it was necessary to demolish number 23, 24 Leinster Gardens which were part of a stretch of terraced house. History has it that the demolition was necessary because of the usage of steamed trains in the past and a hole was needed to allow steam to be vented. The demolition caused quite an upset with the local residents where a gap was left. A fake facade was then built.

Leinster Gardens

Here you can see a close up view of the fake house complete with windows and everything to match the surrounding houses. The only visible giveaway are the solid windows.

Leinster Gardens

Here on Porchester Gardens you will be able to see the fake facade from the back. As you can see it is only made up of a single front wall made of bricks.

Leinster Gardens

Here are the tracks that runs underneath it. The location where the house formally stood is visible at the tunnel entrance/exit.

Leinster Gardens

A Circle Line C stock Metro-Cammell six car train happened to rumble by.


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