Tuesday, January 3, 2006

January sale report

Everyone knows about the sale also known as the January sale. Don't talk about crap like 'Malaysia Megasale' or 'the Great Singapore sale'. The real deal is here in merry ol' London.

Selfridges: Notice the line for Gucci. I saw a piece on the Beeb Boxing Day morning that the line started at around 6am. The fools. Paul Smith Jeans for men usually attracts me but this year it was dull. Sulked of to Micro Anvika to admire hords of silicons wrapped in plastics.

House of Frasers: Who shops there? Seriously.

John Lewis: Ditto.

Oxford Circus: The worst High Street in London. Avoid the east end of Oxford Street.

Harrods: The Harrods sale has always attracted more tourists than Londoners which is why we went there in the evening. Even with our experience, this year was a total hell. We did not purchase a single thing. Sale was good but we weren't in a mood.

Harvey Nichols: The Knightsbridge store is known for attracting posh Chelsea and other S.W. Central Londoners which is why we avoided it.

Other shopping destinations:

Carnaby Street: Decent enough restraint but most shops were not on sale. The Diesel concept store had their 50% off but who cares? Jenni bought a lovely round neck from Miss Sixty.

Covent Garden: The winter chill just set in when we attempted to do Covent Garden. Got something for my little sister at Paul Frank but that's about it. Carhatt's sale has yet to start too.

I am amazed that this year I am able to exercise some restraint on shopping. But the real test would be next week when desperate shops start their clearance sale.

Total spent: £35


living-in-the-uk said...

omg, cool. how do u do it ?? restrain from buying lotsa stuffs ? :P
happy new year !

elb said...

goodness! that amount's too little! you need to make it into the high three digits! :P

Jon said...

I know I know. I promise to make it up next year.

Ken, how did I do it? Hmm...by getting my stuffs stolen and having to spent January sale money before the sale!